Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Following a few days of tense pausing, this Wednesday another consultation was hung looking into the issue of Raphy pina, accomplice and mother of Natti Natasha’s girl. Regardless of his various endeavors, the jury of a Federal Court of Puerto Rico viewed the maker to be entirelyblameworthy on the two charges of unlawful ownership of weapons against him.

It just required a few hours for the court, comprised of seven ladies and five men, to track down its decision Fortunately, the Puerto Rican will be delivered, despite the fact that he will be under the methodology of domiciliary limitation, that is, he might have the option to pass on his home to affirm in court, for clinical and strict issues.

Raphy Pina could be condemned to 20 years in jail
Raphy Pina should conform to these limitations forced until April 1, 2022, the date on which her future will be characterized. The court in control, subsequent to viewing him to be unquestionablyliable, has requested ten years for every one of the two charges against him. Consequently, the maker would be in the slammer for quite some time.

Raphy Pina and Nati Natasha showing up at the crowd this Wednesday. Photograph: Instagram

As it is reviewed, the allegations against Natti Natasha’s better half are for illicit ownership of a gun and, in light of the fact that, in 2015, he was sentenced for bank misrepresentation, likewise ownership of a gun by a government convict.

Daddy Yankee went with Raphy Pina during the consultation
One of the extraordinary amazements when Raphy Pina showed up was the presence of Daddy Yankee. The reggaeton player pronounced to the press toward the finish of the decision and guaranteed that the maker’s family will be under his consideration.

“His family is dependably under my safeguard. We regard the jury’s choice, despite the fact that we disagree “, he indicated.

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