Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Covid-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. The days where people would physically meet each other, hang out at their favorite restaurant or enjoy a carefree vacation to beat their blues. Forget leisure, the current outbreak of the virus has affected the professional life of people as well. The offices remain shut. Work-from-home has become a new work culture. 

As more and more people have started working from home, the companies, too, have introduced various virtual programs to let the work continue. Video conferencing has taken over the physical meeting. Likewise, team-building activities, too, have gone virtual. 

Virtual team building refers to an ongoing process of bringing all the remote teams together on a virtual platform. The team manager introduces various virtual team-building programs to help the team achieve a stronger bond. Some organizations have also built virtual team-building kits containing different activities and programs to enjoy during a virtual team-building session. 

So, why is virtual team building so important? 

The current physical distance of remote work has also turned into an emotional distance for many people. The drawback of such distance is that it leads to isolation. When the team members feel isolated, it creates an uncomfortable working environment on the whole. Virtual team building activities help break the ice and fill this vacuum so that no team member feels alone, and each of them continues to be interactive and socially involved with each other. 

Virtual team building kits include carefully designed games, programs, strategies, and activities that bring more human interaction to the table. Thus, your team members feel connected that further makes them feel that they are a part of one community. 

Whether you are organizing the virtual team building activity or participating in the same, here is how you can prepare well for it: 

Check your internet connection: 

A disrupting internet connection can be a pain in the neck during any virtual interaction. Imagine participating in any virtual team-building game but being unable to respond on time because of the poor internet connection! 

To avoid such chaos, ensure that your internet connection is working well. If not, connect your mobile to the laptop and then engage in the team-building activity. 

Clear up space: 

Virtual team-building activities are not just about interaction. There can be games as well. Thus, make sure to clear up space in your room before you begin showing up for the same. Place your laptop over a reasonable height so that all the team members can see you properly. 

Another essential thing to consider is to sit in a well-lit area. There shouldn’t be an obstruction to your visibility at all. Also, try to avoid the surrounding noise as much as possible. 

Dress up well: 

Why not make the virtual team-building session more engaging by dressing up well? Even if you are virtually meeting your colleagues, do not miss dressing up well. Pick your favorite clothes from the wardrobe. Put on some makeup. Be more presentable and receive everyone with a smile. 

Dressing up well for the activity will make your team-building session livelier. If you are organizing the team-building activity, tell each of the team members to dress well in advance to make the session a big hit


Team Building – whether physical or virtual has many advantages. A happier team always leads to higher employee retention. So, what are you waiting for? Let not the current grim situation take over the office fun. Participate in the virtual team-building activities and make the most of meeting and interacting with all your colleagues. We promise you will have a lot of fun.