Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Who says photo booths are bygone eras or vintage photography? Today, they are the unique way to make a smile of your invitees and take a photo with their expressions, which is impossible to handle by a professional wedding photographer. Suppose you have little exposure to photo booths. In that case, you have to get on a rent photo booth for your birthday parties, baby showers, house warming, weddings, corporate events and any special occasions you celebrate with your friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues. I have listed some of the best qualities a photo booth must have before booking one.

Photo Quality

The higher you pay, the better will be the photo qualities are the say on photo booth rentals. It is true, and one must not compromise on it, even if it is a black-and-white photo from a photo booth at a wedding celebration. Today, many photo booth rental providers are using the latest in digital cameras apart from vintage-style photo booths. Yet, they keep the traditional booth style and take unique photos with the latest cameras. Thus, the photo print qualities do differ. They also give you instant photos to your invites that take or stand for a snap with your loved ones in the photo booth. Such photos can be instantly shared online to make visible to those unable to attend your wedding or any parties.

Types of Photo Booths

  • 360-Degree Photo Booth
  • Camper Photo Booth
  • Flip Book Photo Booth
  • GIF-Maker Photo Booth
  • Green Screen Photo Booth
  • Old-School Photo Booth
  • Open-Air Photo Booth
  • Print From a Hashtag
  • Roaming Photo Booth
  • Selfie Mirror
  • Slow-Motion Video Photo Booth

As time changes, the photo booth owners do upgrade their photo booths. Today, there are ready-to-fix 3D photo booths, vintage photo booths, and a custom or bespoke photo booth if you have some photo booth ideas to make your event much delightful for your guests. Thus, you have many options to book a photo booth by checking their types to handle the number of guests to take a photo, the size of the photo booth, the number of photos you can take and overall set up time at your event.

Social Media Sharing from Photo Booth  

Today, print from a hashtag is trending, which is without a photo booth from the receiver end. It is how modern digital photo cameras work in an Open-Air Photo Booth or a roaming photo booth. The event photos can be instantly shared on social media channels with those unable to come to your party. You can also make your event updated live too on sharing them on your social media posts. Today, many corporate event launches use this technology from the photo booth itself. They have all types of Wi-Fi and internet-enabled devices to share your photo booth photos the way you wish.

Photo Customization

Rent photo booth that comes for photo customization works. It will add more beauty and fun to your invitees as they can stand on different themed backdrops and take memorable photos of your event. It is advisable to check what they offer in photo customization and check its pricing. It will help if you can check the way you wish to have photo customization and the cost of it before booking. You need more backdrops if it is a birthday party or wedding. Children like colourful backdrops with floral and animal themes.

Digital photo Cameras

Today, the Eco-friendly and busy people wish to have photo booth photos in soft form. Either, they wish to have them on their smartphones, laptops and tablets via digital photo cameras and photo sharing options. Thus, you share the photos without taking a print of them from the photo booth. It saves you money on photo prints too. Thus, such people can later share your events and memories with their loved ones and on Social Media. The latest 3D and Open-Air and revolving Photo Booths have digital photo cameras with photo-sharing options via Wi-Fi and internet-enabled options.

Photo Booth Rental Price

The photo booth types mentioned above have varied prices according to their technical and non-technical features. It does need an expert or professional staff to handle them. Most of the photo booth rental companies have many packages for families and corporate. Thus, you have the options to select from their pack and come for bespoke works too. A price comparison with your area’s top 10 photo booth rentals is necessary to know the best pricing. Thus, get professional help from a photo booth expert if you have doubts about photo booth pricing. You can finalize o a rental price if it matches the qualities you look for in a photo booth. Now, you can get the best one from the market or via online channels by checking photo booth rental prices with quality features.