Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Puja samanta (CBD) has become a craze among people of all ages. Today, more and more people use CBD in their daily routine to address different ailments. Today, older people have also started using CBD to make their life easier. Old age may result in many health problems. It is because of the changes occurring in the morphological functions and features. 

To ease such discomforts, seniors look for holistic options. Anecdotal evidence indicates that CBD may help them have a high-quality life. A Consumer Reports survey conducted in 2020 suggests that more seniors in the USA have tried CBD compared to the prior year. Are your parents or grandparents planning to use CBD? You can find more information here.

Puja Samanta

CBD (cannabidiol) derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant has more than a hundred active compounds. CBD is one of the Phyto-cannabinoid found in the plant. CBD and the psychoactive compound THC make up 40% of the extract of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD may not cause a high. After the USA passed the Farm Bill in 2018, the use of CBD with less than 0.3% has legality.

Potential Health Benefits Of CBD


CBD may interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body that regulates several functions in the body. It can offer the following benefits:

Benefit #1 CBD May Ease Anxiety

Anxiety has become a common problem in the elderly. Excessive nervousness or fear can affect the daily routine of seniors. Also, severe anxiety can put seniors at risk of several health problems. It starts to affect the quality of life. Taking Best CBD Gummies may help curb symptoms of anxiety. CBD can change your brain’s response to high serotonin levels. Serotonin levels in excess can lead to mental issues. Studies indicate that CBD can promote stress reduction and lower physiological effects triggered due to anxiety.

Benefit #2 CBD Can Lower Neurodegenerative Disorders


As people age, they become suspectable of neurodegenerative diseases. Aging can lead to the peripheral nervous system or brain cells losing function. The death of nerve cells in the brain can result in a decline in motor and cognitive functions. It results in the following conditions:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke

CBD may prove promising to address neurodegenerative diseases. CBD can also lower inflammation making neurodegenerative symptoms worse. Including CBD in the routine can help seniors maintain good brain health.

Benefit #3 CBD May Address Mental And Mood-Related Disorders

With passing time, seniors face changes in their physical and mental health. They go through emotions like loss, grief, isolation, loneliness, and depression. CBD may help with these conditions by interacting with the brain receptors. Studies suggest taking CBD can address mood-related issues by lowering stress. It may also improve mood and cognitive function.

Benefit #4 CBD Can Improve Sleep Quality

Older adults can suffer from sleepless nights due to insomnia or other problems. It can develop due to changes in sleep patterns or underlying medical conditions. Doctors prescribe sleep medications to address the lack of sleep in seniors. However, it causes more harm than good. Sleep medication can cause dependence and addiction problems. CBD may relax and calm the body. Hence, it may promote better quality sleep.

Benefit #5 CBD Can Aid In Pain Management


More than half of the senior population worldwide suffers from pain and soreness. Conditions such as arthritis affect people in their old age triggering pain. Taking pain medication can lead to side effects. CBD may work as a compelling alternative to address pain. According to studies, CBD may lower inflammation. It may ease the following conditions:

  • Joint pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthritis

Benefit #6 CBD May Maintain Bone Health

Advancing age can put your loved ones at risk of bone problems such as osteoporosis. Such problems can lead to fragile bones. It can increase the chances of injuries or fractures when they suffer minor falls. Apart from easing inflammation, CBD may strengthen bones. Taking CBD can also promote faster healing of fractures and other bone problems. While research remains at an initial stage, it looks promising.

A Word Of Caution

You can find CBD over-the-counter in several forms. But, you need to maintain caution when you decide to include it in the routine of your older loved ones. Here are some of the vital points your need to consider:

  • CBD has no approval from the FDA. Hence, the market may have counterfeit CBD products that can trigger adverse reactions. Always choose a high-quality product from a reputed and trusted brand.
  • Always check for the COA of the product you plan to use.
  • CBD may interact with enzymes helping in metabolizing drugs. Hence, talk to a doctor about its interaction with the medication already used by the seniors.  
  • An expert opinion can also help determine the exact CBD dose needed to see the promised benefits.
  • Always start with the lowest doses to see its effects on older people. You can increase the dosage gradually until you see desired results.


CBD has made its presence known in the market. But, the evidence linked to the efficacy of using CBD to address health problems remains unclear. It is because scientific research to find conclusive evidence takes time and effort. Researchers have only started to scratch the surface of CBD efficacy in addressing health problems in seniors. However, the results obtained show great promise. Before choosing CBD for seniors, it is better to get all information to make the right decision. It can prevent any complications.