Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Here’s an early glance at what may be the freshest and most sultry guide on PUBG Mobile.

On the off chance that you are a PUBG Mobile fan like me, at that point you may have seen a few mysteries about another guide. The authority PUBG Mobile internet based life channel had as of late posted a four-piece jigsaw puzzle implying that something new is around the bend. While some guessed the appearance of the Karakin map from the PC variant of PUBG, some accepted that it could be the profoundly foreseen Erangel 2.0.

Indeed, those speculations are in all probability off-base as the most recent 0.19.0 beta update in China incorporates the new guide. The guide is a piece of the Classic fight royale mode, which implies this is the fifth release and furthermore the principal map for PUBG Mobile that hasn’t made it to the PC or reassure rendition of the game.

Early ongoing interaction by famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber Powerbang Gaming has uncovered that the guide right now doesn’t have a name and is called ‘Mystery Map’ in the game as it is still a work in progress. The guide resembles a cross between all the current ones. So there is snow on the upper right, a desert zone on the base left while the rest is generally meadows and trees. There is talk that the guide could be called ‘Fourex’ since it incorporates portions of every one of the four maps.

It doesn’t appear as large as Erangel or Miramar however, and the YouTuber recommends it could be a 2x2km guide. There has been huge and all around required update in the geology while the structure and houses have additionally been revamped. The guide additionally incorporates the typical vehicles incorporate the motorbike, UAZ, cart, etc. There is likewise the expansion of another beast truck that can essentially roll over nearly anything including stones. There are likewise some new water material science in the game because of the expansion of cascades in the guide. Aside from these, there are likewise a lot of plunder cases in various pieces of the guide that are for the most part stacked with a completely kitted firearm including an extension, expanded mag and foregrips.

According to the video, there is likewise the expansion of another shotgun called SPAS 12 which is well on the way to accompany an inherent silencer and a littler spread, making it deadly for short-go battle.

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