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Have you likewise looked for Prototype Crescent Ganyu? The present article will share the subtleties for the equivalent. It has been staying on the hunt box of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, United States. Model Crescent is a longbow that was found in Black bluff fashion. This is an incredible weapon, and when a bolt is discharged from this, it gives a huge beam of twilight. Because of this, individuals are more inquisitive to think about it.

In the event that you are likewise keen on thinking about this amazing weapon, at that point stay associated with it until the article closes.

Model Cresent is a weapon utilized in Genshin sway. This pretending game has been played by individuals of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, United States, and it has different characters and weapons in the game. Ganyu is one of the characters that has joined this game. She approaches different weapons, out of which Prototype Crescent is one. It is the 4-star bow utilized by Ganyu. This bow is given by a metalworker and is simple for Ganyu to get it.

Who is Ganyu?

A female pretending character in Genshin impacts Ganyu’s go about as a playable character. This character has been evaluated as a five star. She can utilize any weapon like Amos Bow, Prototype Crescent Ganyu, Black bluff Warbow and numerous other energizing weapons are accessible for her. It is an as of late joined character in the game. She is a held lady and a reliable individual who trusts in finishing all assignments according to the arrangement.

She has different abilities, which you can know by investigating this character more while playing. Companions, it would be an awesome encounter. You should attempt this new female character with explicit qualities of people and some unique powers that no one but God can have.

The Best Bow

All the weapons function admirably in their place, however Prototype Crescent is viewed as the best bow by the individuals. One can keep hitting the adversary for quite a while by assaulting the foe’s frail point, which builds the development of SPD up to 10% and ATK by 36%. This bow has been made with antiquated wood and different parts of steel. Because of this explanation Prototype Crescent Ganyu is viewed as the best bow and a ground-breaking weapon.


In this way, we have talked about perhaps the most recent character, Ganyu, that has concocted many energizing abilities and highlights that we can investigate. The more you will play with this character, the more you will investigate her. Also, we have shared the subtleties of Prototype Cresent, which is four stars appraised weapon.

Ganyu can utilize any of the bows while playing, yet according to the conversation done, we found that a Prototype Crescent Ganyu will be the correct decision. Along these lines, attempt this weapon with Ganyu and offer your involvement in us.

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