Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Renting an Apartment

Trying to decide if you’re going to rent another apartment, or finally delve into the process of buying a home? Or are you asking yourself “Should I rent or buy a house?”, “Should I consider checking the apartments for rent in Bellaire?” Here is a list of the pros and cons of renting an apartment that could give you some insight into the dynamics of home vs. rental property and what your real desire is for the next chapter of your life. 

1. Pro: Maintenance

If you’re renting an apartment, the responsibility of the maintenance falls to the landlord/landlady. While it’s your responsibility to notify them of any mishaps or changes in the functioning of the apartment so they can correct it, the direct cost will come from them and you won’t have to pay anything. This results in big savings when the year end comes around, since you’ve avoided having to hire electricians, plumbers, and more, which come at a steep price. 

2. Con: No Remodeling

Fancy owning a property because you want to use wallpaper, stain the wood floors, put in new chandeliers? Then your best bet is looking into purchasing a home, because renting one isn’t going to work. Whether you are renting an apartment or entire house, you are not going to be permitted to do permanent changes to the decor or structure of the property that will impact future owners. 

3. Pro: Utilities

One nice factor of apartment living is that some apartment utilities are paid by the landlord/landlady. You’ll be guaranteed to have to pay for at least some, but as an example, you may be paying the electric bill, while they pay for the heating and water costs. This is a sweet deal that simply doesn’t come with owning an entire home, which also requires a greater amount of energy to heat and maintain for livability. 

4. Con: Pet Policies

Many, and perhaps most, apartments have policies about pets. In most cases, they won’t allow them at all. Some will only allow one, or stipulate a specific number. Some will have a weight limit for the animal. Some will say cats but no dogs, or the opposite. This is up to the preferences of the renter and completely out of your hands. If you have pets, or plan on getting more, you want to at least consider buying a home where their presence is under your control. 

5. Pro: Efficiency

Apartments are limited to a certain number of rooms, and usually one floor. They are small and manageable in terms of cleaning and commitment. Having less to deal with when it comes to home care means that you will have more time to pursue other things, whether it be work, hobbies, or simply spending more quality time with your family. Apartment living is efficient in this way. 

6. Con: Your Money is Going into a Hole

Paying rent means the money goes into the landlord/landlady’s pocket and is never seen by you again (save for your security deposit, if you don’t wreck the place). Money paid towards a home is invested money.