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The Novo Mundo project was established in 2015 to battle social disparity developing among the new youngsters. The point is to protect culture and citizenship through games and workshops, so the youngsters get familiar with the worth of mankind as opposed to having faith in communism.

In Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, the games and workshops are exceptionally planned through which Brazil youngsters think about the way of life of various gatherings and a human worth. Subsequently, their juvenile turns out to be very much constructed and equipped for safeguarding themselves in each difficult circumstance.

To find out about this task, keep perusing.

About the New World Project

Brazil’s New World Project (Projeto Novo Mundo) Novo social advancement and improvement affiliation was established in December 2015 with the enlisted number CNJP-24.038.615. It is perceived as a civil public utility just as a state public utility.

This new undertaking, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, expects to create limited time, brandishing, and instructive abilities among the given developing kids. Besides, this undertaking looks to kill social and position framework and sex imbalance issues among the youngsters so they live and construct their lives altogether.

Also, the essential objective of this undertaking is to serve social qualities to the youngsters who have their folks however work outside the home and grandparents or housemaids raise them. These youngsters are free to go to this new school for disposing of all regrettable impacts there.

Projeto Novo Mundo codes

To foster a distinction in our kids’ lives, one should think about the total program.

Thus, we should begin!

What is this venture?

Productive expansion of individuals with handicaps in the realm of work

Build up an effective extension that joins entertainers at the limits of expert incorporations

Through workshops, professional, and expert capability.

Improvement of citizenship, personal satisfaction, and qualities

Who can include in this task?

Genuinely incapacitated individuals more than 14 years of age

Individuals live in friendly weakness

Helpless instruction level

Capabilities to be advertised:

Creation colleague


Specialized colleague

Quality overseer

Clerical specialist

Mainstays of Projeto Novo Mundo Codes improvement

Ampleness of pedantic

Group building

Accomplice planning

Course advancement

Social consideration

What are the essential activities included?

This task intends to make more huge association between the entertainers engaged with the consideration interaction. Subsequently, the accompanying assumes an essential part in the new world life project.





Public organizations

The activities required under group are as per the following:

Task coordination

Business assembly


Perceive the SENAI-SP preparing program

Delay the assortment of standards. To find out about the essential module and entire design of this task, visit here.

Last Words

As you see, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes is a splendid task for kids to develop them in an incredible climate. Subsequently, they know the value of mankind without humoring them in friendly disparity. Besides, the undertaking is tied in with creating proficient abilities in kids so they can acquire an extraordinary life.

What’s your assessment on this program? Is this best for youngsters improvement? Offer your considerations in the remark box.

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