Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Oh! What little girl doesn’t have a dreamy look at the mention of the word ‘princess’, especially the Disney princesses. Well, you would hear an exclamation such as this, I want to be a princess! I want to be a princess who meets a princess! I want to be a princess this and that! In Fact, some of them dress up and role play every now and then. So, we have really discussed some princess coloring pages in this article that girls will love. Let’s get started!

  1. Mermaid Princess Coloring pages 

Mermaid princess is a fascinating subject for  girls.  Mermaid is a representation of the beauty of the water world as well as the fantasy aquatic island. They are imaginative and magical and many little girls wished they could transform into one. In the mermaid princess coloring pages have beautiful images of the little mermaids, fishes, Majestic sea horses, Ariel pictures, castles and other images. The mermaid is also portrayed in a playful mode in the images with her strands of beautiful flowing hair.

  1. Princess Tiana and the Frog Coloring pages

The movie was released in 2009 titled, “The Princess and the Frog” and was the first to have a heroine of African-American descent. Princess Tiana is the first princess of an African-American descent and dreams of opening her own restaurant through hard work. She kissed Prince Naveen in his frog form which made him to turn into a frog because she did it for material gain. The coloring pages of Princess Tiana features a lot of wonderful images such as Tiana talking with the cute frog, Tiana wearing her green Lily colored wedding gown, her blue gown, her yellow waitress dress, Tiana holding a flower and other lovely images that will make little girls experiment with diverse colors. They will love to create the perfect Tiana gown with the right sparkling colors.

  1. Elsa coloring pages

Let it go! let it go! Can hold you back anymore! Who doesn’t love this theme song of the popular Disney movie titled, “Frozen” which stole a lot of little girls’ hearts. Elsa is the Disney princess known as the snow queen because she has the ability to control cold temperature, ice and snow. So, if you love the Disney movie, Frozen, you will definitely love these frozen coloring pages. The coloring pages have images of  this beautiful princess/queen with platinum blond hair that cannot be missed by anyone. Without much ado, go through the collection of these coloring pages that have the images of Elsa, her sister Anna, Sven,Olaf, Nokk, and the water spirits.

  1. TinkerBell coloring pages

Princess Tinker Bell has been identified as one of the most beautiful magical world fairies. She has  blue eyes, blonde hair and a great female figure who wears a short green dress. Tinker Bell is also shortened to ‘Tink’, and one of the fascinating Disney princesses. She is sweet, fragile and has the ability to fly to any part of the world. She is popularly identified from the peter pan series as his best friend. Other animated movies she is featured are; “Tinker Bell”, “Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hallow Games”, “The Great Fairy Rescue”, “Tinker Bell”, as well as the “TinkerBell and The Lost Treasure”. Kids will love to color her green dress and yellow hair and other images featured in the coloring pages.

  1. Giselle coloring pages

Disney princess Giselle is one of the cartoon characters that is very beautiful and sweet. Her wish is to find true love and was loved by Prince Edward who wanted her to be his wife. His delight was to make her his princess which would make her the princess of Andalasia. After meeting prince Edward, they made arrangements to get married the following day and they did. The Giselle coloring pages follow the story of her and her prince. You can color her in the best shade from the Disney animated movie or from what you can remember about the princess. Make her pretty and more.

  1. Elena coloring pages

Princess Elena who is a Latina, popularly known as Elena of Avalor  in the movie features her family and  friends, music and the magical elements. She is a brave and adventurous young teen who fights to protect her territory from their enemies and ensure that the evil sorcerer doesn’t take over her kingdom. Her adventures enabled her to understand that attributes such as resilience, thoughtfulness and great compassion will make her people love her as the crown princess. In Elena coloring pages, there are images of the princess, her sister Isabel, her  grandparents, Luna, Alakazar Esteban,Zuzo, Migs, and so on. Check out these images of Elena and others and get to work giving them the appropriate color to bring out their aesthetic.

  1. Anastasia coloring pages 

Princess Anastasia is very beautiful and no doubt that you will love her coloring pages. She is a Disney cartoon character that many kids love because of her interesting story as a grand Duchess. She is an 18-year-old orphan who suffered from memory loss. These coloring pages feature different images of Anastasia, her gown, with a pet and so on  that can be colored with bright colors to bring out the sparkle seen in the movies.

  1. Jane Coloring

Jane Porter, also known as Jane Tarzan is the popular female character from the Tarzan movies. She is the daughter of professor Archimedes Q who went with her to explore the African jungle where she met Tarzan. They spent some time in the jungle and had a great adventure with Tarzan whom she fell in love with.  She was once placed among the Disney princesses but was later taken away from the list due to her similarities with princess Belle and the criteria for being a princess changed overtime.Jane coloring pages have awesome scenes of her in the jungle with the gorillas and other elements. Little girls can go on an adventure in their coloring pages with Jane in the African jungle as they color in.

  1. Pocahontas coloring pages

Pocahontas is a great Disney classic released in 1995 and uses an Indian legend as the main plot of the movie. The story is about the characters of Pocahontas and John Smith who were real life characters and their story retold in Disney. Pocahontas is an Indian princess who is very strong and brave. She fell in love with an English captain of a warship that came to her territory. These coloring  pages will give little girls an opportunity to know more about the Indian world and the various characters that shed more light on that aspect. There are images of the princess, John Smith, her family, the sea elements and other scenes from the movies. Spend pleasurable time to color the images to give the desirable effects.

  1. Moana coloring pages

Princess Moana is the main character of Disney’s 2016 animated feature film with the same title. She was born on the island village of Motunui and the  daughter of Chief Tui and Sina. She inherited the love for the seas and had fun adventures during her voyage. Her island was later invaded by  a life-killing darkness and  Moana  had to go on a long sea journey to save her world as she enlisted the help of the shape-shifting demigod Maui. She is named the twelfth official Disney princess and you have the chance to color Moana coloring pages, her island and other awesome scenes from the movie.