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Laboratory equipment is a significant financial investment in an organization; you do not want to go wrong with the purchase. Besides, it is not every day that companies choose to buy lab equipment hence the need to be extra careful not to make a wrong purchase. It is best to identify suppliers who stock the equipment you want and then scrutinize them before buying from the store, which gives good value for your money. You can also inquire from other businesses about the best brand in the market before shopping. Here are the considerations you need to keep in mind before buying laboratory equipment:

  1. Consider After-Sale Service

Laboratory equipment is something you want to use for an extended period. During use, you will encounter technical challenges which may require a technician to look at the machine. It is good to inquire from the supplier if they offer technical assistance as part of the after-sale service. Some companies may offer to give you a technician while you pay for the service, while others provide technical assistance for free. Besides, some equipment needs an expert to install, so it would be best if the company you buy from gives you a technician to install the equipment. 

  1. Warranty Is Key

Warranty is crucial when thinking of buying laboratory equipment. Each manufacturer has its warranty policies, hence confirming before purchase. It will be best to ensure how long the warranty period will last. Do not forget to check when the contract begins and ends, plus if you need to register the goods to get a warranty. In addition, confirm what will void the warranty. Remember, most warranties are valued only when you use the equipment correctly. In the process of inquiring, you need to find out who you can contact if you want to lay claims. For equipment like ICP MS instruments, the store needs to record details in the system to ease your work in case of a claim. 

Knowing the warranty process will help you understand whom to deal with if you want service under warranty. Confirm if you will pay for freight charges when taking the equipment back or if the company is the one to pay. Do not forget to ask if there are any additional charges you may need to pay. 

  1. Price

Because lab equipment is a significant investment, you want to get a product that gives you a good value for money. When looking at the cost price, do not forget to look at the installation, maintenance, and operation costs. As much as you are trying to get the best price in the market, it will help if you do not compromise quality to save because, in the long run, you may spend more on repairs, hence increasing the cost of operating the equipment.

ConclusionUser experience is also vital when you want to buy lab equipment. It would be best if you purchased equipment that can be operated without the guidance of a technician. For example, when you buy ICP MS instruments, you expect your laboratory employees to handle it without the help of a technician from the manufacturer.

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