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“Premios Juventud,” Univision’s stunningly well known youth entertainment ceremony, offered watchers with remarkable VIP access, live Twitter casting a ballot and in the background looks beginning to end through web-based entertainment. The entertainment ceremony aroused the social democratic development by going past the standard hashtag surveys or casting a ballot ahead of the show to offer the main genuine live Twitter casting a ballot insight. Candidates were picked during the show and fans chose in REALTIME who the champ was to be uncovered LIVE on the broadcast, making a definitive fan and watcher decision experience.

The tenth Annual “Premios Juventud” Award Show, circulated on July 18, 2013 highlighting probably the most convincing social combinations to-date, including Google Glass and a Social Truth or Dare for big names. Online entertainment combinations for “Premios Juventud” situated the show and Univision as the No. 1 most friendly program and organization on July 18, paying little mind to language, as per SocialGuide.

Premios Juventud additionally had higher commitment than numerous English-language shows beating the Oscars, Billboard, the MTV Movie Awards and the Country Music Awards with 4.53 Tweets per exceptional as per SocialGuide. The “Noche de Estrellas” honorary pathway extraordinary and Premios Juventud gathered 1.5 million social cooperations and, as a matter of fact, “Noche de Estrellas” was the most drawn in honorary pathway show in 2013, paying little heed to language or organization as per Trendrr.

Furthermore, 40% of all TV-related Tweets on July eighteenth were about Univision’s “Premios Juventud.” #PremiosJuventud and #MejorVestido were additionally the main two TV-related hashtags across all TV programs for the afternoon. The hashtags additionally moved overall all through the transmission. The @PremiosJuventud Twitter account was the top @mentioned TV program account on July 18, also it was referenced more during the honors broadcast than grant records of The Grammys, The AMAs, Billboards, The Academy (Oscars), Golden Globes and Teen Choice (Teen Choice Girl). The “Premios Juventud” honorary pathway show had the most noteworthy commitment (Tweets per remarkable creator) of any honorary pathway extraordinary in 2013, prevailing over the BET Awards, VMAs, Golden Globes and the Oscars. Also, as per Social Guide, there was higher commitment during the honor show than the Billboard Awards, Oscars, People’s Choice Awards and Golden Globes. Online entertainment mixes encompassing the 2013 “Premios Juventud” included: Social Truth or Dare Celebrity Q&A and Videos – During practices, fans had the option to send their “Truth or Dares” for their #1 VIPs utilizing the hashtag #PJVerdadoReto. Select Truth or Dare questions were introduced to VIPs during practices across Twitter, Instagram and Vine. Social Voting – Fans were offered the chance to decide in favor of their Summer Song 2013 through and by utilizing the hashtags #pjiloveit, #pjsiteagarro and #pjmycorazon on Twitter.

All tunes were performed during the broadcast and the victor of the Summer Song 2013 was disclosed LIVE during the primary show. The Summer Song 2013 likewise turned into the authority signature tune advancing Univision’s mid year line-up in a six-week Univision/UniMás summer special mission. Furthermore, fans were approached to decide in favor of “best dressed” VIPs, driving the design inclusion of the show. Once more, this filled in as the main genuine live Twitter casting a ballot experience where the “best dressed” were picked during the show and fans chose in REALTIME who the victor was. Fan-controlled interviews – Fans could Tweet their inquiries to the stars during the “cover” footpath appearances by utilizing the hashtag #PJPregunta.

Picked by the makers, the Tweets with questions were highlighted on-screen and asked to the particular VIP by Espinoza and other rug has during the transmission. Also, Viewer and big name Twitter critique was displayed on-screen all through the broadcast. Fans could remark on the actual show and compliment victors utilizing the hashtag #PremiosJuventud. In the background Celebrity Access – Fans were blessed to receive the experience of being an insider as Venezuelan pop pair, Chino y Nacho, were the night’s VIP insider group photodocumenting the “Premios Juventud” experience on Instagram and Facebook.

Pitbull fans too “strolled alongside him” through Instagram. Furthermore, interestingly, Univision carried out a Twitter Mirror on the footpath (honorary pathway) and behind the stage catching stars’ perky representations and winning minutes for fans to see right away. Clash of the Fan Clubs – Fans likewise had the amazing chance to show their help for their #1 VIP assisting with making them the most referenced via web-based entertainment utilizing their name and #PremiosJuventud on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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