Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Poultry Farming in Kenya

Chicken is the main type of poultry raised in Kenya. Others are ducks, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl, and quail. Chickens are raised for the production of meat and eggs. Chickens intended for egg production are called layers, while those intended for meat production are called broilers. So it will be very easier to start poultry farming in Kenya.

Poultry Farming Areas in Kenya 

Poultry farming in Kenya is practiced near urban centers where there is a large market available for poultry products. Many families in rural areas raise chickens culturally using the free-range system where the chickens are free to roam to find food. Other types of poultry raised and sold primarily to tourist hotels include turkeys, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, and quail.

Methods of Poultry Farming In Kenya

             Free field system:

  • The farmer allows the chicken to roam freely around the farm in search of food and water. Chicken is kept for the farmer’s need for meat and eggs.

 Deep bed system:

  • This is a modern method of raising chickens. They are kept inside all the time. The structures are great and allow free. chicken movement. Food and water are also provided in the structure.

Battery system:

  •  This is also a modern method of raising chickens. The chickens are each kept in their own cage, and food and water are kept in front of each cage.

              Use of pleats:

  • Chickens are kept in structures called folds. Feeders and drinkers are placed outside each fold. The birds feed through a wire mesh.

Benefits of Poultry Farming in Kenya

  • Chickens are slaughtered for their meat, which is a good source of protein in the diet.
  • Chickens are sold by farmers to earn money to pay for their needs. This improves your standard of living.
  • Poultry farming provides jobs for people who live in farming areas. This helps boost businesses in the area.
  • Some poultry products are sold to other countries to generate foreign exchange for the country.

What are the different types of Poultry Farming in Kenya?

There are four main kinds of large chicken farms: broiler farms that raise chickens for meat, pullet farms that raise chickens to be sent to layer farms or breeder farms, layer farms that produce eggs, and breeder farms that produce chickens for broiler farms

How much is worth it to start a poultry farm in Kenya?

Keeping in mind all the above considerations, you need approximately Ksh 3000 to Ksh 25000 will be required to start small to medium poultry farms. For large poultry farms, you need more than 25,000 Ksh to get started.

This is a profitable business enterprise

 Due to the continuously increasing demand for white meat in the market and export prospects, especially, you can start poultry farming in Kenya. The poultry sector is one of the effervescent segments of the Agriculture Industry in Kenya.