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Environmental protection has become the theme of the times. Society is progressing, but environmental pollution is also expanding. Since its birth, LED display screens have been widely used with high brightness, rich colors, flexible size applications and other characteristics. However, in addition to being a beautiful display carrier, LED display screens have also become a “heat resistance” with large power consumption, especially outdoor advertising screens, which consume an amazing amount of power.


Intelligence and environmental protection will become the future theme of outdoor led display

In recent years, local governments have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, constantly improved the environmental protection legal system, and seriously dealt with environmental pollution. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the light pollution problem of outdoor led display. The drive IC is the driving force for the display to shine, so the outdoor led display companies can change the performance of the drive IC to achieve the free control of the brightness of the lamp beads, take into account the need for the outdoor advertising screen to present visual experience in the daytime and reduce the brightness at night, fundamentally solve the problem of light pollution and promote the sustainable development of the outdoor led display.

Although the outdoor led display market is still expanding, the industry is also facing serious challenges. Compared with the national policy support, the enterprise’s own efforts are more important. The arrival of 5G network, which benefits the whole society, may be in order, but there is no difference between them. Therefore, the outdoor led display can also carry 5G technology, integrate big data resources, realize thousands of screens networking, functional interaction, and build an intelligent outdoor led display system.


Although there are many manufacturers in the market who claim to have a more complete energy-saving scheme for LED display. However, this is more than just a gimmick of some manufacturers for LED display marketing. In fact, the energy saving of LED display is still relatively limited at present. For example, although some manufacturers have achieved the effect of energy saving by reducing the number of voltage volts, there is not much energy saving effect in their overall energy conversion, or even can not save energy. In addition, extremely high brightness will inevitably cause certain light pollution to cities and affect urban life. So how to make LED display more energy saving and environmental protection is the concern of many manufacturers and audiences.

First of all, as far as LED display manufacturers are concerned, the selection of materials and the application of energy-saving technology are crucial for building energy-saving and environment-friendly LED display screens. In terms of material selection, light-emitting chips must not cut corners. In addition, in addition to material selection, circuit design and screen heat dissipation design can also be optimized to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. We know that due to the special outdoor environment, the brightness of the outdoor LED display needs to be adjusted automatically to achieve the brightness suitable for the environment. In this point, the manufacturer can also improve it to achieve the effect of energy saving and avoiding light pollution. The realization of energy conservation and environmental protection of LED display is not a problem that can be solved by a certain device or part. It cannot be limited to a certain aspect, but to create a comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection solution to truly achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Secondly, in the use of LED display screens, unreasonable use methods will also lead to power consumption, such as frequent switching of LED display screens, so customers should use LED display screens reasonably to avoid unnecessary power consumption.Here are 7 types of indoor led display screen commonly used models and use schemes.

Finally, relevant departments can reasonably plan the size, playing time, installation location and quantity of LED display according to the specific situation of the city. Although this has a certain impact on the market sales of LED displays, in the face of the huge power consumption of LED displays and light pollution and other problems, in order to ensure the quality of life of the city and carry out reasonable urbanization construction, this is a measure that has to be taken.

Five directions for energy saving of LED display in the future.

  1. Choose more environmentally friendly materials

The LED display screen made of environment-friendly materials can be waterproof, dustproof and UV resistant through special processing technology. It is more environmentally friendly than the products produced by ordinary processes. And select the most suitable LED display products according to the specific environment and field conditions of each customer.

  1. Design brightness adjustment device

The brightness should be different in different applications, so that the LED display screen can achieve the best display effect, neither bright nor dark. The LED display screen is specially designed with a brightness adjustment device of 256 levels and the function of automatically adjusting the brightness according to the surrounding environment, which can ensure that the LED display screen can present the best color display effect for the audience under various external brightness environments.

  1. Constant current noise reduction technology

The LED display driver chip adopts the internationally advanced LED display special chip system, which is the best in the field of full-color LED display. Combined with its chip characteristics, constant current noise reduction technology has been developed to minimize the impact of power supply and other noise source factors on LED electronic display. Some drive ICs can also save the original 5V voltage to 4.2V, or even lower, to achieve the energy-saving function.

  1. Strong convection heat removal system, making the heat dissipation system stable

The LED display screen generates a lot of heat during operation. If it does not emit heat in time, it will cause some damage to the screen body and affect the normal use of the screen. In order to ensure the normal operation of the display screen in a stable environment, it is necessary to strengthen the heat dissipation system of the LED display screen. Using the strong convection heat removal system and the heat conduction effect of aluminum, the heat dissipation system of LED display screen is more stable.Heat dissipation schemes for LED display screens of different sizes.

  1. Power supply

Starting from the power supply, the half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supply is directly used on the existing LED display, and the energy-saving effect of synchronous rectification is remarkable. Reduce the power supply voltage as much as possible under the constant current state of the driving IC, and achieve better energy-saving effect by separate power supply of the red, green and blue cores.

Energy conservation and environmental protection are never lonely issues in any field, especially in the LED display industry, especially for outdoor LED display. Therefore, in order to cooperate with the national energy conservation and environmental protection and the construction of a better city, manufacturers can make more optimization in the energy conservation and environmental protection of products to achieve a better urban life.

By Syler