Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

On October 10th, 2022, it will be world mental health day. Across the world people from all races and backgrounds will come together to think about the problems of mental health and the impact that such problems can have on people. For instance, approximately 280 million people on our planet suffer from some form of depression. This can range from being mild in nature to severe clinical depression that may require antidepressant medication and counselling to alleviate. In preparation for world mental health day there are some key points that all of us can consider. This article illustrates three different ways to prepare for this important event to raise awareness of mental health issues and be there for others who experience such difficulties.,57249047.html,57249179.html

How to dress for mental health day
To feel good about ourselves it can be important to dress well. This does not necessarily mean that we should perpetually wear sharp suits and elegant dresses, it is more about mixing style with an emphasis on personal comfort. If you are feeling relaxed in what you are wearing you are likely to feel better in mood and outlook. Today there is a growing recognition that style and comfort should go hand in hand. For world mental health day this can be illustrated by wearing stylish but comfortable clothing such as modern sweatpants. Sweatpants are no longer just for the gym or recreation and are often worn in situations such as working from home where comfort can boost our concentration levels and feelings of contentment. Today modern sweatpants can be coordinated with a range of other pieces of clothing to promote both style and relaxation. Wearing such clothing on world mental health day shows others that comfort is a key part of general wellbeing. It is easy to learn how to style sweatpants in a way that promotes comfort and style whilst helping us feel relaxed and at ease with ourselves.

Its good to talk
On world mental health day, it is a prime opportunity to talk to our friends, relatives and colleagues and be open and honest about the challenges posed by mental health and some of the stigmas that remain. Having such conversations allows the subject of mental health in general to move away from being considered awkward or a taboo. It can be highly beneficial to share firsthand experiences of poor mental health with others to demonstrate that these problems can be overcome and that the subject, whilst often intensely personal, should be recognized. It is well known that talking about problems is an effective way to put them into perspective and lessen the negative impact they have on our thoughts and emotions. In short, on world mental health day the power of open and honest conversations relating to mental health should be a prime activity.

The power of exercise
World mental health day is a perfect setting to explore the benefits of regular exercise on mental health. Civilizations have known for thousands of years that a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind. In fact, there are definite links between the benefits of regular exercise and improved mood and sleep patterns. On world mental health day, you can reiterate this fact at home or in the workplace by organizing group exercises such as Tai Chi or Yoga. These activities can be enjoyed by people of varying ranges of fitness and a 10-minute session during a work break can demonstrate the power of exercise on our general wellbeing.