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Gather 10 Pokemon to procure fun prizes!

The 2021 Spring occasion has started in Pokemon Go! From this point until April 8 at 8 p.m. neighborhood time, this occasion will permit coaches to gather Pokemon wearing bloom crowns, total occasion themed Field Research assignments, and then some. To study the current year’s Spring occasion, look at our past inclusion.

As a feature of the current year’s Spring merriments, players can finish the Spring into Spring 2021 Collection Challenge to get three in-game prizes.

You’ll have to gather 10 diverse Pokemon to finish this Collection Challenge:


Shadow Exeggcute





Pikachu with a blossom crown



Chansey with a blossom crown

While a considerable lot of these Pokemon can be found in the wild, a couple are found in an unexpected way. For example, you’ll need to discover and crush a Team Go Rocket Grunt with Shadow Exeggcute in its group to catch Shadow Exeggcute.

Likewise, Diggersby can be gathered through advancement, instead of getting. That is, to confirm Diggersby of your rundown, you’ll need to develop Bunnelby into Diggersby before the occasion closes.

At long last, as indicated by The Silph Road subreddit, Azumarill isn’t showing up in the wild throughout this Spring occasion. All things considered, you can experience it in Raids and subsequent to finishing the “Catch 15 Exeggcute” Field Research task.

On the off chance that you can finish this whole Collection Challenge before Pokemon Go’s Spring occasion closes, you’ll get one Lucky Egg, 50 Lopunny Mega Energy, and 2,500 experience focuses.

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