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Everything you need to know about Poison construction in Elden Ring is right here.  Poison in Elden Ring is often referred to as “Scarlet Rot Lite,” but this is not an entirely accurate description of the poison’s effects.  Certainly, Poison is not as potent as Scarlet Rot, but there are far more toys to play with when running Poison, and you can focus on stats other than Arcane to reap significant benefits as a result.

With the devastating power of Elden Ring’s katanas, the poison causes slow-burning damage over time.  When combined with the poison, the combined effect is surprisingly potent.  Fast, powerful swings, devastating weapon arts, and multiple ways to deal with large groups all combine to create a build that is singularly focused while still being capable of dealing with a wide range of threats on the battlefield.

What Is a Poison Build and How Does It Work?
The sheer number of weapons available to you in a Poison build as opposed to a Scarlet Rot build is what distinguishes the two builds.  It’s not just that you have access to every Poison-based weapon (and shield) in the game, but nearly every weapon can be infused with poison by visiting the blacksmith.

Scarlet Rot relies on the overwhelming power of well, Scarlet Rot; Poison builds on the best weapons in the buy Elden Ring items to create something entirely new.

Aim for the following numbers:
Poison does scale with Arcane, which is something to keep in mind for this build; however, we are not concerned with that for now.  Instead, we are concentrating all of our efforts on Dexterity, which will allow us to deal massive amounts of raw damage while also chipping away at our opponents’ health over time.  This means that we are putting 80 points into Dexterity and have reached the hard cap for the stat in question.

We are pumping 10 points into Faith to give us access to certain key Incantations while keeping our Arcane at its current level of 8.

Vigor will be increased to a maximum of 60 so that we have plenty of health to play with, which will keep us alive during more challenging encounters.  So that we can use as many resources as possible, we have raised our levels of endurance and mental toughness to their maximum levels. Endurance also increases our Equip Load, allowing us to equip more powerful armor as a result.

Poison Samurai – Overview of the Poison Build
This build makes use of the immense power of the Uchigatana as well as the unique characteristics of the Serpentbone Blade in order to quickly build Poison while also utilizing the incredible moveset of the katana to achieve a high level of success.  Dual-wielding katanas open up an entirely new, equally fantastic moveset that is capable of dealing with virtually any threat that comes their way.  The addition of poison is merely the icing on the cake.

Uchigatana (Serpentbone Blade) is a type of Japanese sword

We will be employing a Poison Uchigatana as our primary hand weapon.  The Uchigatana is a katana that is considered to be one of the best in the Elden Ring items for sale.  It has fantastic scaling, low stat requirements, and a fantastic moveset to go along with it.  This is the foundation of our construction.  If you prefer, you can also run two Poison Uchigatana at the same time.  If you’re looking for some Bleed synergies, this will provide you with a few opportunities.

As our Ash Of War, we will use the Poison Moth Flight, which not only deals decent damage but also rapidly increases the amount of poison available.  What makes this Ash special, however, is the additional damage it deals if the enemy has already been poisoned by the ash.

The Serpentbone Blade is a fantastic choice for the off-hand weapon.  It has excellent scaling, and a large amount of Poison buildup, and it comes with the standard katana moveset, among other things.  It also has a really cool appearance.

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