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Why Is PlantATreeCo Likely Fake?

PlantATreeCo is an internet business site that offers plastic arm bands and claims to plant a tree for each buy made. On their Instagram page, they additionally guarantee to help other ecological and social causes like the Australian bushfires and Black Lives Matter. The site and Instagram pages both express that 6,500 trees have been planted as of now.

An area name query of the site shows that it has been enrolled on 25th May 2019 in Florida which implies the site is a little more than a year old.

It is referenced on the site that they plant a tree through accomplices for each finished buy. There is no data on who these accomplices are nor is there any evidence that they have given towards this reason. There is likewise no proof that they have given to associations that accomplish noble cause work for the Australian bushfires or the African-American people group, as asserted on their Instagram page

The principle site shows that there is just a single item accessible, which is a plastic arm band selling for $20.

PlanATreeCo’s site is by all accounts motivated by 4Ocean, which is a comparable and considerably more fruitful online business good cause site. The wristbands they sell take after the ones sold by 4Ocean as well. The discount cost of these wristbands is obviously $0.50 each.

4Ocean has been vigorously condemned for giving the feeling that it is a beneficent association, when it in reality just gives 0.25% – 3% of the returns from deals to noble cause.

In their Instagram stories, PlantATreeCo does ‘free’ giveaways for neckbands. There is no notice of the returns from these deals going towards noble cause. Indeed, they do produce income from these pieces of jewelry, on the grounds that despite the fact that the giveaway is probably free, there is a $8.95 dispatching expense which is added at checkout.

The site expresses that PlantATreeCo. has a 30-day discount strategy for inadequate, harmed or missing items. Be that as it may, the lone contact data gave is a gmail id. There is no telephone number or address given in the site. Florida isn’t referenced anyplace and there is no name referenced of anybody from the association.

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