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Peruse this article about Pixowatch NFT to think about the market and value patterns of another work of art NFT dispatched for this present year.

The NFT market is becoming imaginative and innovative as time advances. Keep going month, NFT dependent on the work of art was dispatched. This time, NFT has entered the market of watches. Would you like to find out about the Pixowatch? Financial backers in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom need to know more data about Pixowatch. In any case, did you get every one of the subtleties on a solitary website page?

In this article, we achieve you data Pixowatch NFT.

What is Pixowatch?

Pixowatch is a Non-fungible symbolic sale of computerized fine art (virtual) of remarkable watches put away on the blockchain. The six days closeout began in March 2021. However, it didn’t accomplished the objective deals. Henceforth, the deal is broadened. There were just 220 one of a kind (1/1) Pixowatch delivered.

The idea of Pixowatch is basic. You contribute by buying the computerized fine art of watches and delay until the costs of Pixowatch rises. Then, at that point, at a beneficial benefit, you can sell/closeout the watches in include. Three watchmaker organizations offered looks available to be purchased to go them to Pixowatch NFT.

Jacob and Co offered a SF24 Tourbillon watch which shows the cryptographic forms of money like XRP, ETH and Bitcoin on the essence of the watch inside 10 seconds of activity. It was sold for $100,000.

Jean-Claude Biver offered the primary Pixowatch to go on special. He is a resigned industry veteran. He offered the Hublot Bigger Bang extraordinary piece (all dark tourbillon chronograph). Biver claimed the watch for over 25 years. Mr. Biver said that he is using the chances in the NFT market to begin something extraordinary.

Konstantin Chaykin offered a Joker watch which was unloaded for ETH. It made more than 42K modernized pictures.

Pixowatch NFT Founder:

The data about the originator of Pixowatch is obscure.

Cost of Pixowatch:

Cost – $207.88 (or) 0.050 ETH

Normal Price – $635

Most recent 7 days tenth percentile cost – $57

Most recent 7 days Median cost – $309

Most recent 7 days 90th percentile cost – $1738

Value Change 24h – not gave

24h Low/24h High – $994.431/$687.597

Unequaled High – On twentieth October 2021, it was $1431.557. It was 225.44% higher than the current cost.

Unequaled Low – On seventeenth September 2021, it was $27.396. It is 95.68% not exactly the current cost.

Pixowatch NFT Market:

Exchanging Volume 24 hrs – $13064.347, 74.503%

most recent 7 days exchanging volume – $211k

Pixowatch sold in most recent 7 days – 332

Proprietor Density – 0.00%

Max Supply – Not gave

Coursing Supply – Not gave

Market Rank – Not Provided

Market Dominance – Not gave

Market Cap – Not provideda

Blockchains – Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn blockchains

Stage – Opensea.


From the business information, the most minimal 10% of the PixoWatch were sold for $57 roughly. Out of the absolute deals, a big part of the Pixowatch were sold for roughly $309, and the most noteworthy 10% of Pixowatch were sold for around $1738. The Concept of Pixowatch NFT work of art is new. Thus, if it’s not too much trouble, put resources into low sums with alert.

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