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PHD in Mathematics in India

Introduction to PHD in Mathematics

PHD in Mathematics is one of the most sought after doctorate degrees in India. The coursework for a PHD in Mathematics generally includesReal analysis, Algebra, Topology, Geometry, Numerical analysis and Applied mathematics.

A student who has completed their Masters in Mathematics with good grades and has been involved in research during their Master’s degree are eligible to apply for  PHD in Mathematics. Admission to the course is based on the candidate’s performance in the entrance examination as well as an interview conducted by the department.

The minimum eligibility criteria for appearing in the entrance examination is 55% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA at the Master’s level. Candidates who have cleared NET/SET/JRF or GATE or have a full-time regular teacher appointment in universities/degree colleges/institutions recognised by UGC are exempted from appearing in the entrance test.

The duration of the course is 3 years and it is mostly done on a full-time basis. Students enrolled for a part-time PHD can also avail of facilities like flexible working hours and study leave with salary (SLWS).

Eligibility of PHD in Mathematics in India

To be eligible for a PhD in Mathematics in India, you must first have a Master’s degree in Mathematics from an accredited institution. You must also have a strong academic record and research experience. In addition, you must pass a qualifying examination and submit a research proposal to the Department of Mathematics at your chosen university.

Career Scope of PHD in Mathematics in India

A PhD in Mathematics from an Indian institution can lead to a career in academia as well as several other fields. In academia, one can pursue a career in teaching at the collegiate level or research in both public and private sector institutions. There are many opportunities for those with a PhD in Mathematics outside of academia as well. With a PhD in Mathematics, one could work in the financial sector developing new investment strategies or become a actuary. One could also work for the government developing policies or working as a statistician. There are endless possibilities for those with a PhD in Mathematics and the right skillset.

Which field of Maths Study is Best for Career

There are a number of different fields of mathematics that you can study at the PhD level in India. The most popular and common field is pure mathematics. This is the study of mathematics for its own sake, and includes branches such as algebra, analysis, and geometry.

If you are more interested in applications of mathematics, then you may want to consider a PhD in applied mathematics. This could include studying mathematical models of physical phenomena, developing new methods for solving problems in engineering or finance, or working on projects in data science.

Other less common but still important fields of mathematics include statistics, operations research, and information theory. Whichever area you choose to focus on, a PhD in mathematics will give you the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in academia or industry.

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JUIT offers a wide range of courses in engineering and technology, including a PhD in mathematics. The doctoral program at JUIT is designed to prepare students for careers in research and academia. The curriculum covers all aspects of mathematics, from pure mathematics to applied mathematics.

JUIT has an excellent faculty that includes some of the leading mathematicians in the country. The department has well-equipped laboratories and libraries that provide students with all the resources they need to succeed in their studies.

The university also provides ample opportunities for extracurricular activities, such as sports and cultural events. This ensures that students have a well-rounded experience during their time at JUIT.

If you are looking for an engineering college that will give you the best possible education and prepare you for a successful career, then Jaypee University of Information Technology is the right choice for you.

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The university offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of mathematics. Students will receive training in mathematical techniques and applications, as well as in research methods. They will also have opportunities to work on cutting-edge research projects with faculty members. The PhD program at Jaypee University of Information Technology is an excellent choice for those who want to pursue a career in mathematics or engage in advanced research in this field.


Pursuing a PHD in Mathematics in India can be a great way to further your career in the field. In India, there are many top-notch universities that offer excellent programs for students interested in pursuing a PHD in Mathematics. If you are dedicated to your studies and want to pursue a career in this field, then getting a PHD from one of these universities can help you achieve your goals.