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Reviews – 1

I planted this seed last fall, after tilling under my existing drought killed lawn. I watered it religiously for a little more than the instructed 30 days. It did grow slow, but it grew to a nice green lawn, not as thick as I’d like, but since it was new that was ok.

I had some places where the previous grass wasnt tilled completely under. Over the past year, these patches naturally grew faster, so I worked to kill them while maintaining the Pearl’s Premium. Two months ago I seeded a patch where a tree had been removed. Watered it religiously, but had to reseed, as it didnt take. A month later, after watering everyday, I have a few fine strands of fragile looking grass.

Walking around my yard, I notice green and dead grass. The green is my previous lawn, that has fought up through the soil. The dead is the fine Pearl’s Premium I planted last fall, and it hasn’t even been drought conditions this summer (nor has it been too much rain, just average for Indiana).

I had high hopes for this seed, and it is indeed slow growing (I’ve only had to mow the yard for the previous grass that grew through, and only had to empty the bag once) but I think it will take years of seeding and watering to get the promised result. I have seeded my bare patches with regular seed, and I shall over-seed with regular seed come the fall. Another note: being slow growing and not thick to start, I had much higher than usual weeds taking hold.

Reviews – 2

I really wanted to be able to say this is a 5 star product, but my results are more like in the 2 range. I live in the Los Angeles area and decided to give this grass a try. removed the old lawn, reseeded fertilized and for a time it was green, but it never really fully established itself. It is a slow growing grass, but now I find that I have invasive weeds popping up that I never had before. (Italian rye grass, crabgrass and some other) I truly am disappointed as I find myself spending more time on the lawn than I did before.

I did my mom’s house using Water Saver – Tall Fescue and RTF 25lb bag = cost $67 (Home DEpot) I doubled the calculated rate and the grass is BeautifuL. I spent more money, but in the time and effort that went into the job; the end result is what really matters. She is thrilled and I am happy.

Note to Pearl : Give clear instructions on the bag / Do a YOUTube Video demonstrating how to seed from Start to Finish. I’m city boy and don’t know squat – My initially application wasn’t enough to promote dense growth. I ended up doing a second seeding and the lawn did fill out more. (for you DIYers – grab a handful of seed and cast it on the ground cover the dirt with seed ..Buy a second bag if you must)

Reviews – 3

See my added comment to one of the other reviews as well. This is a great lawn but the seeds are selected for the Northeast regions, they are native grasses from New England and Canada, they went through a long, selective process and the best of them are in the Pearl’s premium. We paid a good amount to have this lawn installed professionally in 2009 and it’s worth the money. You cut it once/month, yes it grows that slow, has very few weeds (you have to add the corn gluten which I often, unfortunately don’t get to do on time) and it’s basically organic. It’s also drought resistant unless the drought extends to a long period of time in which case you have to deep water it.

However, you have to follow the steps on their website, very carefully and not skipping or improvising. This is crucial to getting a healthy lawn. Only after you do that you can actually judge this lawn and give it less than a 5 stars in your reviews.

Also, you have to be in a Northeast region. This grass doesn’t work in other parts of the country from what I recall. Ask the people at Pearl’s premium if it works for your area.

We are west of Boston and here the best time to install this lawn is last week of August into first week of October. I have two other friends who have this lawn and they are very happy with it. It does better in the shade than sun but with a little TLC you will have a great, healthy and organic lawn either way.

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