Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The Patriot Pledge ( is a vow requested by individuals of all applicants campaigning for chose position inside the Congressional part of the central government. It is a promise every up-and-comer signs committing that person to the accompanying:

I won’t serve inside the Congressional part of the central government for over 12 years.
I will have a total comprehension of each and every arrangement of a bill before making a choice for it.
I will spend the public authority’s cash as wisely as I would spend my own cash, perceiving that every dollar the public authority spends was taken from a functioning resident or acquired against our future.
I won’t acknowledge any wellbeing or retirement benefits subsequent to leaving Congress gave to me as a part and will attempt to pass regulation guaranteeing Congress is essential for a similar government backed retirement and medical advantages framework gave to normal common Americans.
I will record and post records or recordings on the web of all gatherings I or my staff hold with any lobbyist (or previous representatives) while serving in the Congress and I promise not to turn into a lobbyist following my residency in Congress.
“In the same way as other of you, I’ve over and again posed myself two inquiries. In the first place, how long straight could I at any point watch the news, shake my head in repugnance and afterward fail to address it the following morning? Furthermore, second, how am I going to clarify for my youngsters and grandkids that I didn’t have the opportunity, the boldness or the authority to battle to save a nation loaded with an open door for them?” said Rodney Rice, prime supporter of, “I accept the Patriot Pledge is the method for achieving the change we really want.”

As Americans, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, we want to meet up and reclaim Congress from the strong unique interests and vocation legislators who currently control it. It is time we join to supplant the “purchased and paid for” political pawns looking for a “lifelong in governmental issues” with energetic, principled loyalists looking for valid “administration of their country.” The very term “profession legislator” ought to be a paradoxical expression. For our youngsters and grandkids, we want to reestablish our administration to what our principal architects had as a main priority.

The Patriot Pledge is a bunch of good judgment “rules of the street” for our Congressional workers. It is a litmus test for an up-and-comer’s earnestness and thought processes in holding office. 85% of Americans need Patriot Pledge applicants chose for Congress*. Electors who support the Patriot Pledge ought to make the Voter Pledge at vow. In making the Voter Pledge, residents consent to cast a ballot in all government Congressional races in their locale, and whenever managed the cost of the open door, to just decide in favor of Congressional competitors who have made the Patriot Pledge vow.

Allies of the Patriot Pledge can fan the promise at is a non-sectarian, grassroots alliance of electors trying to work on the nature of our portrayal in Washington. To learn more visit expects to count every single ally by Congressional locale and to give the quantity of votes in question to every up-and-comer. The association likewise means to tell all allies which applicants have marked the Patriot Pledge.

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