Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Family time is postponed to the weekends due to the hectic work and school schedules during the weekdays. This is the time for parents to think of fun activities that will not only help youngsters bond with each other but also provide them with educational opportunities.

Insightful abstract paintings also provide you with a blank canvas to work on. Despite their lack of art knowledge, children are excellent at being expressive and creative on blank sheets of paper.

In these uncertain times when everything from schools to jobs has moved online, organising a creative activity with the kids might be a delightful way to spend the weekend at home.

Kids love to make a mess, so why not give them a day to do just that? In the end, you’ll have a tonne of masterpieces that you can display around the house in their rooms or the living area.

To get ready for the weekend activity, follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to gather all the basic supplies that you and the kids will require, such as paintbrushes, sponges, and any additional painting techniques. You’ll also need a paint mixing plate and canvases.
  2. Let’s make an effort to prevent the kids from acting out too much. Use old newspapers to cover the ground to prevent stains, or move the activity to the garage or anywhere else inside the house where the sofa and carpet won’t be affected. Keep in mind to cover any exposed areas that are close to inside objects with a plastic sheet.
  3. Hand them a paintbrush to each child and instruct them on how to blend colours in the mixing plate. Hold their hands, assist them in making their first abstract stroke, and then allow them to create their own artwork.
  4. Allow the children to use the sponge to create texture while encouraging them to construct various shapes. The adults should be painting nearby as well because the children will occasionally need supervision. The young child’s abstract art artwork will likely have numerous strokes of various sizes, shapes, and colours.
  1. Getting children to utilise the tape technique is another simple DIY abstract art concept; if they need help drawing straight lines with the tape, just let them try; it will be their own way of expressing their artistic side. Allow children to paint from their own places and with the colours they want.
  2. Allow the child’s abstract artwork to dry and rest.

You can either have their paintings added to a scrapbook that you can use to keep track of all their artistic pursuits or you can have their artwork framed to add to their ever-expanding memories.

To inspire your children to be imaginative and discover new techniques for painting and creating art, whether it be traditional or abstract. you can set up various sketching and painting activities like these.

Kids learn better and typically develop into more creative people when they are given the freedom to produce whatever is on their minds. Your children will become dependent on you for their everyday activities if you restrict their ability to think creatively when they play or even while they are creating an abstract art painting.

They become more passionate and self-assured thanks to abstract art. As long as they believe in the learning process, they will thrive and keep picking up new abilities. If they are constrained, they won’t succeed in trying to be creative and won’t try to discover any new techniques or strategies to create abstract works of art.