Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

I got this mistake today and was disappointed until I sorted out some way to settle it.

The conditions of my blunder were as per the following: I stacked the Overdrive application on my telephone and effectively downloaded an ePub book from my nearby open library. I needed to approve the application with my Adobe id simultaneously.

At that point I uninstalled the application, so I could tell my better half the best way to re-introduce it. We re-introduced it, and afterward added our nearby open library back to the library list in the application. At the point when we attempted to download a book, we got the 1060 blunder – it said it couldn’t discover a document (information/information/ versions/activation.xml).

In the end (and gratitude to some investigating bearings posted at…leshooting.pdf) we went to the application menu inside Overdirve and selected to de-approve the application, and afterward re-approved it. That worked.

Evidently the issue was that the re-introduced application “knew” that it had been approved, however the approval record was absent. Deauthorizing and afterward reauthorizing reproduced the document, and everything is great.

I trust this aides any other individual who runs into this issue.

By admin