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Reaching Level 99

Many skills inside Old School RuneScape will help your character in the long run. You have a set of attributes that help you in combat, gathering, crafting, and utility.

Furthermore, thanks to the vast activities, you can earn Gold coins by selling the loot.

In this article, you’ll find the OSRS Best Skills that help you dominate the market.

Benefits from the OSRS Best Skills

Here, you have some improvements that you’ll get once you reach the highest levels:

●     Bank: The overall inventory will fill with astonishing loot, which you can use for sale or to strengthen your character.

●     Gold: Many craftable objects are rare, and you can exchange them for profit.

OSRS Best Skills


Turn one essence into a magical stone, which could become helpful in your game. Through all these years in this video game, Runecraft remains the king of the OSRS Best Skills. Reaching the highest level is troublesome. You need tons of materials, and you have low-gaining experience.

You’ll need around 300 hours to reach the maximum level, and Runecraft can help you earn 1.8M per hour with Blood Runes. Furthermore, you could buy Cheap OSRS Gold to skip the “grind” and get those levels ASAP.

Agility (Members-Only)

You can get a “faster run” energy bar, which helps you travel quicker between places. The skill doesn’t give you Gold coins, but the activities make a difference. After you unlock the Hallowed Sepulchre, you’ll find a new home. When you gain access to the fifth floor (level 92), you can “farm” the Ring of Endurance and sell it afterward.

It would take around 250 hours (more if you don’t know how the Hallowed  Sepulchre works) to reach the highest level.

Thieving (Members-Only)

Steal from the rich and give it to the poor (in this case, your character). You can snatch the profits from NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and use them for your gains. Whenever you see an elf, take the opportunity to add some experience in Thieving. Use any place you find as your playground.

You can reach the top around 75 hours and earn about 150 as profit.

Fletching (Members-Only)

A skill that looks “poor” on paper but has the potential to make you rich without too much effort. Fletching helps you build different ranged weapons and forge powerful ammunition. You only need two tools (the knife and chisel) and tons of logs.

When you reach level 99, you can earn a ten million profit, but it would take around 90 hours to reach the top. Gaining profits from the skills you see here can take a long while. You can skip it all with the lowest OSRS Gold Price you’ll find on the Internet at U7buy.

By Syler