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Orkut was a free long range interpersonal communication administration possessed and oversaw by Google. It was intended to assist clients with finding new companions and keep up with existing connections. It has been followed up by hi, one more web-based entertainment network worked by a similar distributer as Orkut.

Could you at any point sign in to the old form of Orkut?
Tragically, no. Orkut does not exist anymore and was shut forever in September 2014. In the event that you had any photographs or information put away on the site, they will have been taken out and can’t be recuperated. Critically, it is as of now not feasible to contact Orkut, the organization does not exist anymore. As referenced above, it has been supplanted by hi, a new application created by a similar distributer.

What has supplanted Orkut?
Orkut has been supplanted with hi, an interpersonal organization intended to interface you with individuals who have similar interests as you. The maker of Orkut, Orkut Buyukkokten, established Hello Network, Inc and some ex-Google engineers. Hi has just been downloaded around 1 million times which is impressively not exactly Orkut’s past 300 million dynamic clients.

Will Orkut return?
There are as of now no designs to restore Orkut starting around 2022. Google at first shut down Orkut to zero in on their other informal organizations, like YouTube which in 2021 had more than 300 million everyday dynamic clients. Seeing as Orkut was supplanted by hi, it doesn’t seem to be Orkut will return.

How to sign in to Orkut?
Note: this is the past strategy to sign in to your Orkut account. This is not a glaringly obvious reason has been kept as a record. As Orkut does not work anymore, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to associate with your Orkut account. You could likewise login to your Orkut account with your Gmail account.

To get to the site you used to look for Orkut on Google.

To login you entered your email and secret key in the fitting fields, then clicked Login.
In the window that showed up, you clicked Continue and adhered to the guidelines to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions.
You expected to finish your profile. Note that all fields set apart with a reference bullet (*) were required. Fields followed by a yellow key might be to some extent or totally covered up when certain individuals view your profile. Picking Friends from the dropdown menu to one side of the key implied that main individuals recorded as your companion could see that data.
Whenever you were finished entering your data, you clicked Finish to save your data.

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