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Is online dating safe? Or rather, is online dating as safe as it might seem at first glance? It is impossible to unambiguously answer this question. Someone thinks that such dating is so unsafe that you should not mess with them, while someone, on the contrary, considers a dating site a safe and sweet adventure.

Most likely, both of these extremes are far from reality, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Assessing the likelihood of certain problems, we can say: of course, there are certain risks in online dating, but, as a rule, the advantages of this acquaintance in Surgut are still worth trying.

So, what pitfalls might lie in wait for you along the way, and how can you avoid them? Lets have a look at some online dating rules for women.

Personal Information and Privacy

One of the major issues in online dating is privacy. And this applies to both women and men. Some sites do not guarantee the user to keep his personal data secret. A site’s security and privacy policy notice is often located at the very bottom of the home page. As a rule, there are recommendations in small print about what you should not write in your profile. And if you are not familiar with this site, we recommend that you read these rules. If it directly states that user profiles are not checked by the moderator and the administration is not responsible for anything, this means that your personal data and your correspondence may be available not only to those with whom you would like to deal.


The most widespread swindle is “honest taking of money”, as Comrade O. Bender liked to say. Everything is simple here. The services of many dating sites are paid, and you are promised mountains of gold and the fulfillment of all your desires for a certain amount of money. However, as a rule, this does not happen. Either mountains are offered to you not from gold, but from a completely different material, or desires are fulfilled not by you, but by someone else.

What to do?

1) Look for free dating sites.

2) If you really feel like registering on a paid site, try to find out on blogs or from friends how honestly the site fulfills its obligations.

Another possible problem is online stalking. It happens like this: you meet someone, correspond, tell him about yourself, and after a while this “nice” guy starts harassing you, using the information that you yourself gave him: last name, place of work, E-mail etc. It used to be thought that online harassment could not harm anyone, but recent lawsuits in Europe have shown that cyber harassment is no different from regular harassment and can also cause significant psychological harm.

Summary: talk less about yourself, better try to find out everything about your partner.

Theft of personal data

Everyone knows that hackers not only break into computer programs and send viruses, but also steal electronic money from banks and from personal accounts. The problem is that if a hacker gets your personal data through a dating site, then he can “set you up” during the next hacking of an electronic bank cell, and then you will have to prove that you are not a camel. It also happens that hackers gain access, through personal data posted in a profile on a dating site, to credit cards and electronic wallets of these individuals.

The summary to all of the above: do not be too frivolous, secure yourself in advance and enjoy new acquaintances on the Internet.

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