Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Netflix is a unique business. It has maintained its innovative status quo since its inception in 1997. It has taken the entertainment industry by storm. The industry, once ruled by the big production houses, experienced a shift in momentum orchestrated by Netflix.

After delivering a whopping 7300% return from 2011-2021, Netflix has now corrected by almost 60% from its peak of October last year. If you’re someone looking for an exposure in this revolutionary company, it’s the right time. In this blog we’ll teach you how to buy Netflix share in India. But before that, let’s learn a thing or two about Netflix.

Why Netflix is a Global Success
Whether it’s the list of biggest entertainment players or the world renowned FAANG group, Netflix is omnipresent everywhere. In the early 2000s, who would have thought a video rental company could make entertainment giants like Walt Disney run for the money?

The path to ultimate success hasn’t always been easy for Netflix. It’s been years of hard work and some good business decisions that established Netflix as the leader of the lucrative OTT business. Here are five reasons why Netflix is so successful today.

Adaptability: Netflix has gone through many changes over the years. The whole business model was changed in the early days. But it adopted really well throughout all the changes and never failed in any transition.

Foreseeing the Opportunity: Netflix saw a market for over-the-top content in the future. It quickly grabbed the opportunity when everyone else was still on television and movie content. Thus, it created disruption when the technology was ready.


Quality Original Content: Netflix has had a top-of-the-line content quality over the years. Be it English content or any regional one, Netflix has aced it with great story & superb cinematography. The more it grew, the more it created original content.

Enhanced User Experience: Netflix presents a clean, no-nonsense user interface that is liked by many. Netflix has big data that helps them to figure out which content is liked by which age group or demographics. Thus, it is always on point while suggesting shows.

Flexibility: Netflix offers flexibility like no other app. Be it on your laptop, mobile, tablet or even in your car infotainment unit, you can watch Netflix with ease. The user interface stays buttery smooth everywhere.

All these reasons make sense why Netflix is successful in every market it entered, even in the Indian market as well. Thus, it also makes sense to invest in Netflix from India.

Why You Should Invest in Netflix Stock from India
You shouldn’t be asking why you should invest in Netflix. Instead, you should be asking, is there any company like Netflix trading in the Indian market? The answer is a big NO! And, that’s why you should buy Netflix share from India.

In India, we have a few entertainment companies of our own. We have multiplex chains that are not doing anything significant other than big mergers. The demand for in-hall cinemas is decreasing as we see OTT platforms reign superior in being people’s choice for a dose of entertainment.

Netflix, on the other hand, has corrected a lot due to a missed earnings call. From its peak, the stock has fallen 73% before regaining a bit of lost footing. Currently trading at a PE of 20 only, this brings us a great opportunity to accumulate a world class stock at a discounted price.

The unavailability of OTT Platforms in the Indian market & a heavily corrected Netflix pricing are the two main reasons behind buying Netflix share right now. There are a few more reasons too that follows:

With all that being said, let’s explain the procedure of buying Netflix stock in India.

How to Buy Netflix Share in India?
Buying Netflix share from anywhere in India is not that big of a task. All you need is a stable internet connection, a valid ID Proof and a smartphone. The rest will be taken care of by Stockal, India’s leading brokerage firm for international trade.


Opening a US trading account is pretty easy and straightforward with Stockal. Stockal presents a smart, simple and secure platform to buy Netflix stock from India. But first, you have to decide which route to take because there are three options available.

You can directly buy shares of Netflix through Stockal at a conveniently-priced brokerage fee.
You can take an indirect route by buying Mutual Funds that directly deal in US equities
You can buy ETFs comprised of stocks and indexes from the US stock market
With Stockal, you can also buy curated stacks also known as ready made portfolios. You can find several stacks in Stockal, mindfully created by top wealth managers to harness growth.

Netflix has a few things going in its favor lately. The price has grown a bit from its 52-week low of $162. Also, there’s a lot of room for streaming services to grow globally. In the US, streaming takes about 29% of all watch time. That figure will gradually improve as more people move to streaming services. And Netflix will be the biggest beneficiary of that.

If you want to build a future-proof portfolio with quality stocks, then Netflix must be in your buying list. And if someone ever asks you how to buy Netflix share in India, tell them about Stockal and its lifesaver features like real time stock alerts. With Stockal, investment is convenient.