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Con artists may at times get in touch with you professing to be from Ofgem. For instance, a trickster could call saying they are from Ofgem, recommend you switch and afterward request your bank subtleties. They could attempt to reach you by:

thumping at your entryway
virtual entertainment
spring up message on a site
instant message.
These are energy tricks. Ofgem could never sell you energy, request individual data or come to your property.

Report the trick to Action Fraud, the announcing community for misrepresentation and digital wrongdoing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, contact Police Scotland on 101.

Assuming you have given any of your own data like your bank subtleties, contact your bank promptly for help.

Reaching Ofgem about tricks or bad behavior
After you have announced a thought trick to Action Fraud or Police Scotland, you can likewise tell us by email or by calling 020 7901 7295.

Reject, deny or overlook contact from ‘Ofgem’ that looks or sounds surprising, like a solicitation for your bank or individual subtleties. We never request this data.

Browse email addresses. Any messages to or from Ofgem generally end

Actually take a look at marking. The Ofgem logo will generally be available in our interchanges. It ought to never look extended, foggy or twisted.

Just crooks will attempt to hurry or frenzy you.

Contact your bank right away on the off chance that you think you’ve succumbed to a trick. Report it to Action Fraud assuming that you live in England or Wales, and Police Scotland in Scotland.

On the off chance that you think you are a casualty of extortion or have been reached by somebody attempting to trick you:

Call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or utilize their internet based structure.
In Scotland, call Police Scotland on 101.
Continuously call 999 in a crisis, assuming that you feel compromised or perilous.
For general counsel on overseeing undesirable calls and messages, visit the Ofcom site.

To oversee spontaneous promoting and deals mailings, you can likewise pursue the Mailing Preference Service.

The Trading Standards Office or the Trading Standard Service in Wales can likewise offer guidance on setting up ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ in your neighborhood.

Assuming you are worried about an energy wrongdoing, like robbery of your gas or power:

Report it on the CrimeStoppers Stay Energy Safe site
Continuously call 999 in a crisis, assuming you feel compromised or dangerous.

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