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Clash of Clans is a classic tower defense strategy mobile game, where players can build their own villages, fight online with other players, build clan alliances, and participate in clan battle leagues, where members can fight for their own clans And won many rewards such as league medals, so how do you get league medals in the clan battle league held once a month? The following editor will bring you how to get league medals in clash of clans and how to use them. For more information about how to get league medals in clash of clans, you can visit

1. Conditions for participating in the Clan Battle League

If you want to earn league medals , you must first have a clan that can participate in a clan war league . So you want to ensure the following conditions :

1. You must be in a clan , you can either create your own clan or join an existing clan.

2. Make sure your clan is eligible to participate in the clan war league .

In Clash of Clans , players can get more rewards by participating in the Battle League or the higher level Champions League, but in order to participate in these leagues, your clan must have a higher rank.

clan leader needs to register the members of the clan to participate in the league two days before the start of the league. In addition , the clan leader must choose you to represent the clan to participate in the league . Although all 50 clan members can participate in the battle, each battle can only select 15 players for 7 days, the clan leader can adjust the participating members during the period, if you are not in the main lineup, then you cannot get any league medals .

So it ‘s important that you get into the 15 main roster of the clan, because that way you can win some league medals whether the clan wins or loses, and the number of league medals you earn depends on a variety of factors.

How to get the medals in the clan battle league

Clash of Clans league medals earned depends on the player ‘s combat performance in the clan , individual performance, and the rewards that the clan leader assigns to you after the league ends. The following are the rules for the Clash League medal awards:

1. Victory Star Reward

According to the player ‘s rank, you can get a relative number of league medals for the victory stars you get by attacking the enemy in each battle . For example, if you are a crystal rank, then the relative number of league medals for each victory star is eight .

2. Rewards for each victory

According to the player’s rank, league medals are awarded for each victory . For example, if you are a crystal 1st rank, then the league medals awarded for each victory are twenty.

3. Bonus Rewards

The bonus reward is also determined according to the tier . If your tier is a crystal tier, then you will have two bonus rewards. Each bonus reward for the crystal tier is 95. This reward can only be distributed by the tribal leader , and you can win a victory. Add a bonus reward, each member can only get one reward.

What is the use of the Clan Battle League medals ?

1. Clash of Clans league medals can be exchanged for some useful items in the league store. For example , the Hammer of Heroes can instantly upgrade heroes, the Hammer of Construction can upgrade buildings immediately, and the Hammer of Spells can upgrade spells immediately. The Battle Hammer can instantly level up a class.

2. According to each clan ‘s record in the league, after the league ends, the player’s clan can get a certain number of extra league medals, and the clan leader can distribute these medals to some clan members.

The above is the content that Xiaobian brings to you about the acquisition and use of clash of clans league medals. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about how to get league medals in clash of clans , please pay attention to . You can also download crash of clans and a variety of popular mobile games for free on this website, come and check it out!