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The bed may be the most important piece of furniture in your house, but they are always incomplete without nightstands. In fact, a nightstand may be the second most crucial item in your bedroom.

Nightstands make a stylish yet functional addition to any bedroom, serving multiple purposes. For instance, they increase the practicality of your room by providing convenient space for storage. Not to mention, this storage space is easily accessible right from your bed, making it a great place to store your essentials. On the other hand, nightstands enhance the ambiance and serve as great décor pieces.

However, nightstands are not one-size-fits-all, as they come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. This can make it hard to find the perfect match for your bedroom and the rest of the furniture. Just so it’s easier and less time-consuming for you, here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a nightstand.

1.    Height

Bedroom nightstands have varying heights to match all kinds of beds. Make sure you pick one that is as tall as your mattress once you lay it flat on the frame. This will ensure that your bedroom has a consistent vibe and look.

More importantly, this will make it easy for you to grab your things from the table. You will need to find an even taller nightstand if your bed is taller or if you have a mattress pad.

2.    Surface Area

You can place your nighttime essentials on the top of your nightstand. For instance, you can keep your reading goggles and book hereafter use. This makes the surface area of your nightstand an important considering factor during purchase.

Make sure your nightstand has enough space for a bedside table lamp, an alarm clock, and other essentials. You may also want to keep photo frames on your nightstand. Find one with plenty of surface area on top for your specific needs.

3.    Storage Space

Have other necessities that you want to always keep at hand? It is exactly what nightstand shelves and drawers are for. Nightstands feature drawers, which can allow you to keep items out of view.

However, if you want your décor items out in the open, you can also go for open-shelf nightstands. These allow you to place decorative ornaments and even houseplants. On the other hand, drawers let you keep your items close but out of sight.

4.    Color

After considering the practical aspects of choosing the right nightstand for your room, it is also important to look at the color. Available in a wide range of colors, you can easily find one that matches the overall color theme of your home.

While choosing a color, keep in mind that darker ones absorb light while lighter tones reflect it. This suggests that glass, metal, or white-colored nightstands can help bring more light into your room. But you can also go for a darker-colored one for toning down an extra bright bedroom.

5.    Materials

The material of your nightstand is also something that you have to consider, as it contributes a great deal to the look of your room. So, make sure to choose the right materials according to your bedroom’s interior décor and setting.

For instance, a wooden nightstand with iron hardware looks great in traditional-themed bedrooms. On the other hand, glass accents will best complement your contemporary-style room.

Bottom Line

Nightstands play a big role in determining the vibe and functionality of your bedroom. However, finding one that meets all your requirements is not an easy job. Make sure to consider the height, surface area, storage space, color, and material to avoid any mistakes.

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