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Their dream of creating a name for themselves in the new world of fashion begins with passing the entrance exam for The National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT). In this highly competitive domain, and to be guaranteed a place in one of the best design schools, preparation is obviously important. Here are eleven indispensable tips to ace the NIFT entrance exam:

Familiarise With the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The first thing to understand about the NIFT is its exam format. It comprises two main segments: CAT (Creative Ability Test) and GAT (General Ability Test). CAT is designed to test creative and imaginative potential, whereas GAT tests general knowledge of the world, ability at calculations, communication skills and analytical reasoning. Study the syllabus thoroughly to find out what will be studied. To gain better insights into this and build your knowledge about the subject you can enrol yourself in the best NIFT Coaching in Kolkata.

Start Early and Plan it Out

The earlier you start preparing, the more time there is for thorough learning. Design a systematic study plan that will cover every area. Go for greater emphasis where needed and be fair in respecting the whole of a course.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to success in the NIFT exam is of course practice. The way to go is to study the sample papers, previous years ‘questions and take mock tests regularly. This not only accustoms you to exam pattern but also increases speed and accuracy–two factors necessary for success.

Enhance Creative Skills

Nurture your creative instinct For the CAT section. Draw, sketch and explore a variety of art forms on a daily basis. You can see galleries, look at design in daily life and try out various mediums to expand your perspective.

Strengthen General Knowledge

Gat also requires a solid grasp of current affairs and general information. Be aware of national and international developments, historical trends, and changes in different areas. Read newspapers regularly, follow reliable online sources as well and keep short notes for easy reference when revisions are needed.

Focus on Time Management

The key to passing the exam is efficient time management. Trainees should practise solving questions and adjust their speed accordingly in order to correctly answer within the time limit. Also, learn to categorise questions by difficulty and determine how much time should be spent on them.

Master Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Take time to cultivate your quantitative aptitude and logical thinking. Giving yourself regular practice in strengthening mathematical concepts, practising more numerical problems and solving reasoning puzzles can help improve your performance on the GAT section.

Revision is Key

Constant revisions stabilise ideas and aid recollection. Make summary notes or flashcards for later reference, especially before the exam. Hence, allot time in your plan to revision of key points.

Stay Calm and Confident

Keeping your cool in the face of this preparation process is extremely important. Don’t be anxious. Stress and anxiety may hinder performance, so it is good preparation to study relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing.

Seek Guidance and Stay Motivated

But don’t hesitate to go for advice when needed, from mentors and teachers alike or even peers. Be motivated and work toward your goal by joining discussion groups, participating in workshops, and being with ambitious people.

Coaching Centres

The best way to get into your dream institute is to seek professional help. For aspiring designers in Kolkata, where creativity thrives amidst rich cultural diversity, enrolling themselves in good academies play an important role. The best NIFT Coaching in Kolkata is given by the OPUS Academy who ensure to have an all round effective and experiential curriculum that will help you crack it. With offline coaching, online sessions, rigorous tests and experienced counsellors, your NIFT exam and career would be in safe hands. 

But preparing for the NIFT entrance exam requires hard work, persistence and even planning. Following these ten core principles, prospective designers can stand a greater chance of succeeding in this competitive examination. But don’t forget that in addition to talent, success requires self-discipline and concentration. Add this to your creativity and you’ll have all it takes for success on the NIFT entrance exam into a prestigious design school.

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