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I met Lou Guercia when he was president and Chief of Recorder Programming, the main CRM combination apparatus. Recorder was gained by TIBCO Programming in 2018. I as of late reconnected with Lou and found out about Myhelpscreen Com, the organization he joined as head working official. Coming up next is a depiction of the item given by Myhelpscreen Com:

Myhelpscreen Com is a cloud-based remote help instrument intended to incorporate with Elements 365 Client support. By empowering client care and IT support associations to resolve basic specialized issues straightforwardly from their CRM or tagging stage, it smoothes out the cycle and gives a completely program based help insight.

You can likewise utilize Myhelpscreen Com with other CRM items or even all alone without a CRM.

Here is a brief video demo of Myhelpscreen Com with Elements joining:

Myhelpscreen Com – Cloud-based Remote Help Coordinated with Elements 365 Client care

Once incorporated with an Elements 365 CS association, the Myhelpscreen Com gadget shows up on Case pages. It permits you to make and send off remote help meetings from a similar area as the help specialist’s CRM and tagging stage. Moreover, Myhelpscreen Com catches a strong arrangement of information from help meetings and stores it inside the Elements Case object for use with evaluating and investigation to further develop support cycles and self help drives.

Myhelpscreen Com is 100 percent program based for the specialist; after the end client interfaces with the meeting, the specialist is provoked to join by means of another tab. The accompanying screen catch is of the watcher window with the partner set-up of help devices:

These instruments empower the help specialist to tackle the end client’s issue rapidly and successfully. A few key elements include:

● Cross-stage support from every single current program

● Authorization based acceleration of specialist honors

● Nearby and area level Windows administrator (UAC) acceleration

● Windows and Macintosh apparatuses and alternate ways

● Multi-specialist URL welcomes

● Bidirectional document move

● Distant clipboard

● Reboot and reconnect

● Low data transfer capacity mode

The above is an illustration of one key element, the Windows Instruments menu, which specialists can use to straightforwardly perform activities on the end client gadget. It likewise has an underlying pursuit usefulness, so you can track down the important easy route and execute it without digging through the UI or the end client’s framework.

Myhelpscreen Com Cobrowse and Elements Omni-Channel

Myhelpscreen Com likewise offers a no-download answer for online business and B2B program based help use cases. It will empower you to direct your end client through site route – for instance, finishing buys from the shopping basket. Cobrowse meetings can be sent off from the Elements Omni-Channel work process.

When associated, the specialist can direct the end client through site route in basically the same manner to the help arrangement – all from the program!

Support Meetings: Records and Reports

After a help specialist makes and finishes a meeting, another record is created. This record tracks specialist/client association and detachment, all mid-meeting moves made by the specialist through the Myhelpscreen Com support instrument suite and the framework data recovered from the end client’s gadget.

Thusly, this information can be utilized to make reports utilizing Elements’ local detailing highlights to acquire bits of knowledge on key benchmarks- – meeting action by month, for instance:


Joined with the Elements 365 Client care, Myhelpscreen Com offers a coordinated help and tagging arrangement with a comparable, case-based work process. Feel free to preliminary Myhelpscreen Com Remote Help on AppSource.

You can become familiar with Myhelpscreen Com’s answer and capacities at an online course on January 28th at 11:00am PST. Connection to online course enlistment accessible here.

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