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As office workers, one of the most concerned things is how much time the exam will take, because after all, work and study, the pressure is still very large.

I bought teaching materials relatively early, one after another to see some, decided to prepare for the exam is after the National Day holiday, when in addition to training institutions are recommended to me to report the March exam, said it will be a little more secure, but personal like “quick decision”, reported a remote class, from October 10th to December 8th examination, weekday night to see 1-2 hours, weekend to see about 6 hours, a total of more than 50 days.


About | Preparation method

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Less money and more time: self-study online courses;

Less time: Training institutions.

Experience Description:

Self-study has always been a student, but this experience tells me that “adults have to spend some money to prepare for exams”. Because time is already tight, by buying services can let us more attentive preparation.

There are several types of services to purchase:

(1) Auxiliary teaching materials: highly recommended Dr. Wang’s series of teaching materials, “Yellow Book” – “Dr. Wang interpretation of THEP examination”, “Blue Book” – “Dr. Wang interpretation of the PMP examination”, personally feel more easy to understand than recommended by the training institutions.

(2) preparation for the exam exercises: a treasure purchase, is basically the business around the search for the major online school exercises. We remember that the 2018 PMP exam(<a href=””>pmi spoto online</a>) has just been replaced with the fifth edition of the textbook, many of the exercises are out of date.

(3) network courses: now a treasure education is very good, the institution teacher recorded a complete set of online video courses, including each chapter, focus on serial lectures, different institutions slightly different, the price is basically about 400-600.

(4) Training institutions: divided into online remote classes and offline classes, to provide one-stop service: “enrolment, teaching materials, exercises, classes, study plan follow-up, daily training, teaching assistant answer questions, but free re-education” and so on. The most hassle-free choice, remote class price in about 3000, face-to-face class will be slightly more expensive 500-1000.

No matter which one to choose, it is highly recommended to watch video teaching, PMP test basic theory will not be particularly much, more is the use of the situation, the teacher explained more conducive to digesting knowledge points.


About | Sign up for the registration

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A treasure, everything is done.

Note: If a training institution is selected, it is the responsibility of the contractor.

Experience Description:

The teacher of the training institution sent me two forms, filled in after the registration of this piece did not bother, but the process still has some understanding:

(1) 35 school hours proof: PMP registration essentials, self-study candidates can buy directly in a treasure, about 300 yuan. (Some of the company is a different matter).

(2) Chinese and English examination: PMP examination process is more cumbersome and more demanding, did not make easy qualification examination failed, you can buy a full process of pure examination, about 100 yuan (pack spot check service). Some merchants will give instruction manuals when buying school hours, you can follow the steps to fill in the report.

(3) online payment: after registration PMI will do qualification examination, after passing the official website to pay, registration fee of 3900 yuan, can be invoiced for reimbursement.

(4) quasi-test letter printing: the examination about 1 week before the official website can query the test location and print the quasi-test letter, I got in Guangzhou, as if there are two test points, one in Tianhe one in the white clouds, don’t go wrong!


About | Preparation plan

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(1) Chapter learning: 15 to 20 days.

Watch the video to understand chapter 1-13 knowledge points, with chapter exercises to consolidate. At the heart of this phase is understanding the concept of difficulties, with a 70% accuracy rate for chapter questions. Reply to the keyword “chapters” to get all the chapter knowledge I’ve organized.

(2) Key knowledge memory: 15 days.

Familiar back five process groups and ten knowledge areas, memory 49 ITTO … And so on, you can view the favorite PMP regular test knowledge point finishing.

(3) Simulated Sprint: 10 to 15 days.

The core of this stage in the “brushing question”, according to the wrong question, ambiguous questions to find gaps, reply to the keyword “wrong question”, you can get my summary of the six wrong questions.

Experience Description:

The head teacher of the training institution will prepare for the examination into three stages of intensive speaking, serial speaking, sprinting, weekly arrangement of learning plans, I made some adjustments and weak links according to their own grasp of the situation.

The above recommendation arrangement is based on this, give you a reference, I hope to be helpful.


About | Prepare before the PMP exam

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On the last Saturday before the exam, pinch the time to do a simulation test.

Experience Description:

Test a few days ago because of the office chickenpox storm, coupled with a few days of body temperature at the edge of 37.2 degrees C low fever, has been suspected that they also want to get, nervous tension panic, but fortunately the brain is still awake.

Because the PMP exam is from 9 o’clock, even 4 hours of 200 choice questions, before the test to do a full-truth simulation (simulation test requires more than 135 points), familiar with the pace of the exam, help adjust the mentality, this is very necessary.

It is recommended to arrive at the examination room before 8.30am on the day of the exam, without having to prepare any exam items, and the exam seat comes with a calculator, pencils, erasers, and drinking water.


About | Results are announced

Experience Description:

Wait patiently for four weeks, the results will be sent by PMI to your registration mailbox, whether through or not will be sent.

Once you receive the email, you can go to the official website ( to see the detailed results (such as the beginning of the article) and download the e-certificate, which will take another 7 months or so.


By the End | The last one

After work, rarely have such a period of time, forcing themselves to learn, especially in November, is really learning to vomit, where dare not play.

This preparation experience aftertaste is really good: the harvest of successful pass the examination qualification certificate.

However, through a short preparation to learn – laomei to do project management ideas, understanding and application, is more to do outside the examination.

Thank you to everyone who has been helped during the preparation for the exam

Thanks for not giving up on yourself. Finally, in advance I wish you all a successful pass the PMP exam!

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