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This post will have examined the Love Has Won faction and its originator Mother God Cause of Death exhaustively.

Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of the faction gathering of Love Has Won? Would you like to think about the puzzling passing of the faction chief? In the event that indeed, this post will be instructive.

Amy Carlson, the head of another clique bunch Love Has Won, was discovered dead early this year. Many individuals all throughout the planet, particularly in the United States, need to find out about her passing. So in this post, we will examine Mother God Cause of Death.

About Love Has Won

Love Has Won is a strict association established by Amy Carlson, otherwise called Mother God. Previous individuals, just as media sources, have alluded to the association as a religion. Love Has Won’s religious philosophy has been delegated adaptable, blending parts of New Age otherworldliness.

Carlson, the association said, was a brilliant 19 billion year old animal who had made everything. Carlson said she had been reawakened multiple times, including as Jesus and that she was going to lead 144k individuals into the baffling fifth measurement. We should find out with regards to Amy Carlson prior to looking further into Mother God Cause of Death.

About Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson was the gathering head of the faction Love Has Won. She professed to be God resurrected on Earth. Amy Carlson was brought up in Dallas, Texas, and was an extraordinary understudy, according to her family. Carlson’s initial high school years saw her begin to talk about unrealistic thoughts like starships.

Carlson was around 30 years of age when he fostered an interest in New Age reasoning. Subsequent to joining the association, Carlson deserted her third spouse, her children, and her situation as a McDonald’s director. Carlson was supposed to be the sovereign of a lost human advancement of Lemuria, as indicated by the association. Carlson had various significant others alluded to as Father God.

About Mother God Cause of Death

The originator of the Love Has Won faction, Amy Carlson was found embalmed and blessed with sparkle by experts in a far off Colorado boondocks town a few months prior, stunning the world.

It’s as yet indistinct when or how Amy, otherwise called the Mother God, died yet in light of the degree of decay when her remaining parts were discovered, authorities accept she had been dead for a long time or even a month.

There appeared to be not a good excuse to assume false action since Amy had been sick for a long while. In any case, many individuals, including her family, accept that she has been killed.

However Mother God Cause of Death is obscure, there are claims that she was sick with malignancy. Amy was regularly inebriated and forceful in her later years. She likewise turned into a blue and dim shading because of the colloidal silver she ingested.

For Amy’s demise case, seven individuals present when in the house when her body was found with her have been captured for accuses of abuse of a body and youngster misuse.


The demise of Amy Carlson, a.k.a Mother God of Love Has Won, has concocted numerous contentions and theory with respect to the religion and its practices. Visit Love has Won Wikipedia page to know more.

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