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“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” —Charles Benetto.


As said by Charles Benetto, indeed mother’s love is the most sacred, and a mother’s relationship with her children is purest and selfless compared to any relationship on earth. The sacrifices a mother puts in upbringing her child are countless. From sacrificing her body, her career, her dreams to adjusting everything according to her children’s routine (you name it) a mother never lags! 


A few such beautiful moments have been captured by artists around the world since ancient times and depicted beautifully in their art forms. Paintings are self-explanatory in their sense as-a painting beautifully conveys emotions without words. Artists have been keen enough to observe every moment, be it day-to-day activities or a mother spending time with her child amidst her daily chores. 


They have sketched them, rendering all the emotions in their artworks. A glance at some such artworks will give us a brief idea of the painting style of various artists while cherishing a beautiful motherhood journey. 

Madonna and Child by Andrea del Verrocchio

This is a very popular picture depicting Madonna as mother Mary with her baby Jesus and is an iconic representation of orthodox Christianity majorly found in churches. Verrochio has considered various landscape elements and passage of light in the artwork while highlighting the central picture. 


Madonna’s sleeves and the veils are minutely crafted while her hand is suckling the baby Jesus to grab his attention. Verrochio has greatly inspired even Leonardo Da Vinci, whose works have a slight tinge of Verrochio’s style.


Mother playing with her child by Mary Cassatt

Cassatt was famous particularly for creating art forms depicting the mother spending beautiful moments with her child. Edgar Degas especially inspires her works, wherein she follows the style of blending pastel with thick brushstrokes into fine paper, creating beautiful textures. 


She has worked on this subject a lot, creating over 100 paintings to master a particular field of work. This specific mother and child painting ca-1896-97 was the basis of her prints Picking Daisies in a field which unfortunately remained unfinished due to her unexpected demise. 

 Mother and Child by Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma was a famous Indian painter and artist who has maintained his decorum in art. His name is considered among many great artists, and he still tries to secure his place among them, making Indians proud of his art pieces. His pictures are a fusion of European style with Indian touch depicting iconic and sensible cultural forms. 


This picture is named A Sisterly Remembrance, wherein a sister is shown adoring her sister, who is adoring her child. The expressions of these characters beautifully demonstrate the bonding of the two relationships.

 Mother and child by Lord Frederick Leighton

Frederick Leighton was an artist renowned for his sculptures and paintings. His works constitute themes related to classics, history, and biblical characters and incidents. Frederick was born to a family dealing in import-export in Scarborough. He received his formal training in Arts from Edward von Steinle and Giovanni Costa in Europe. 


In his stated picture of a young Mother and her Child, he has beautifully grabbed attention with his master strokes highlighting specific areas with special effects. The image depicts Victorian interiors with a girl feeding ripe cherries to her resting mother. 


The interiors of a vase of lilies, a golden screen, and a classy carpet are characterized beautifully, giving exact proportions of brightness at the required places. The glossy effect given to the gown of the lady provides a sophisticated touch. This artwork is an image of sentimental effects popular and prevalent in the Victorian era.


Mother and Child (The Oval Mirror) by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt has highlighted a mother’s maternal bonding towards her child through this sketch from the Renaissance era. It is believed that the child has a divine touch which is depicted by the oval mirror above his head. The picture is believed to be that of the boy Jesus with his English nurse. 


The motherly stance towards her baby standing asymmetrically reclining over the mother is eye-catching. Sometimes a posture or a stare speaks more than words which are beautifully portrayed by this image. The Havemeyers first purchased this artwork to add to their canvas collection and named it- The Florentine Madonna.



These extraordinary works and more can be found on the website which is a realm of handmade oil paintings replicated by renowned artists. Gifting your mom or wife who is going to be a mom these beautiful art pieces on mother’s day or the day you get good news will fill your house with more love and happiness. 


It would be an effectively beautiful way to show your love for the lady you love in the best manner. These artworks are bound to fill your homes with deeper love reminding you of the purity in your relationship every time you have a look at it.

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