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Everyone has their own prefered way of showing and receiving love. Some may like the expression of love through romantic words. But some may require something more to feel that they are loved.

Showing love to your partner doesn’t always have to be in words, love expressions without saying “I love you” can also help to melt your partner’s heart if you do it the right way. Here are four effective ways to express your love through more than words!

Become the number-one supporter

There is no one who won’t feel the sincerity of love when given extraordinary support from their partner. Be it showing support in his career or education,  and even when he’s done a simple hobby that he likes. Your involvement through moral support  – definitely will make him feel valued and loved.

Even when the world is full of doubts and pushes him through the corners, a figure of a partner who is always there to provide reinforcement is the greatest source of strength. The support that you give will be an injection of happiness that can energize and lift him when he’s down.

Give him your full attention

When your partner is talking to you, you should give your complete attention to him. Avoid listening while still focusing on other things such as a phone or laptop. You want to make sure that he knows that he is being listened to. No matter how simple the discussion is, make sure you do listen intently.

You want him to do the same when you are talking right? After all, knowing that when you are talking, your partner really tunes-in with what you are saying will give you a sense of comfort and being cared for. 

Aware of his love language

There are 5 kinds of love languages. Each person may have a different love language that they prefer to show or receive. Does your partner like physical touch? Does he crave attention in the form of an act of service? Or is he the kind of person who loved being given a gift?

To be aware of his love language, you should pay attention to the way your partner acts, and what he does and doesn’t like. Paying attention to this will help you figure out his love language.

You can try to show your affection in the way that you know he likes. For example, you notice that he likes to give you something, and he always seems so excited when you do purchase something for him. Then you know that his love language is probably gift-gifting. Surprise him once in a while with a special gift. You don’t have to only give something during special occasions such as a birthday or Valentine’s day – it will be even more special if you give it just because you remember him.

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Always make time for each other

No matter how busy you are, you should try to spend quality time with each other. This is a wonderful way to let your loved ones know how much you value them.  Even if it means taking time out of your busy schedule, you should give him some of your time; it’s a simple yet effective method to let your partner know you care. 

You can fit in things like meeting up with him during your lunch breaks, paying him a visit at work, or even driving home together. Even seemingly unimportant activities like watching TV, listening to music, or even just drinking coffee are wonderful moments to spend time together.

Do a real action

Another way to express love is to give direct action. Usually, this is done by someone who has difficulty expressing love in words. This direct action can be in the form of providing help when your partner is having trouble, hugging him when he feels sad, or encouraging him when he feels hopeless. Small actions like this, even though it looks trivial if done by someone you love, will certainly feel special!

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