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There are many reasons why parents prefer keeping gerbils as their kids’ first pets, especially in the better part of some countries. If you want a friendly, fun, and easy pet to maintain, considers keeping gerbils. Gerbils require significantly less care daily, so people with tight schedules and less time to spare but still want to keep a pet should consider gerbils. 

Gerbils are fun and adorable. Your kids can spend hours playing with them, and parents won’t be worried that they have exposed them to any danger. There are also different species of gerbils. When buying a gerbil, you can choose depending on your needs. You can try Turkmenistan or Mongolian species. They have unique features that distinguish them. Either of the species you find can thrive well in a family setup.

But if you bring gerbils home with other pets, they might be aggressive until they adapt to the new environment. To avoid this and ensure your gerbils are not acting aggressively toward one another, especially when exposed to sharply contrasting animal odors, it is best to purchase several at once. 

Also, gerbils are nocturnal. Unlike other rodents, gerbils are crepuscular. This means that gerbils are awake in the morning, evening, and many other times during the day. Also, at night. So you watch and play with your pet often, unlike nocturnal pets. Gerbils are initially from the desert. As a result, they dislike getting wet. They bathe in sand or dust to remove the particles from their fur—this aids in absorbing extra oil from their skin. 

Once you bring your gerbil home, you need to research how to feed them. Your responsibility is to ensure that this pet is feeding well and keeping healthy. To learn what to feed your gerbils, check Learn whether you can feed your gerbils on melons and how to prepare them before they can eat them. 

What to Feed Gerbils 

Gerbils feed on different grasses and seeds. They also feed on leaves, bulbs, and herbs. When you keep gerbils as your pet, ensure to give the best quality foods. Feed gerbils with a balanced diet. Their meals should have all the necessary nutrients and minerals to keep the string. An easy way is to mix different seeds or compound pellets. However, you can also feed them commercial gerbil foods. Talk to an animal feed specialist to ensure that the commercial feeds are properly formulated to meet your pet’s biological needs. 

Feed gerbils a variety of fruits. Among these include apples, pears, oranges, and others. Also, check to learn how to prepare melons before feeding them to gerbils. You can supplement the fruits and nuts with gerbil’s food pellets.

Gerbils need to eat vegetables. Consider carrots, pumpkins, and cucumbers, among others. This depends on your region and the type of vegetable available. 

Pumpkin seeds are a healthy treat for gerbils. Make sure you choose a healthy and balanced way to feed gerbils. Gerbils like sitting up as they eat pieces of food. If you’re unsure what you should feed gerbils, visit a local feed store and get professional expert insights. 

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