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Monday software for project managementMonday software for project management

Monday software offers a flexible, affordable, and scalable PM software that is scalable, flexible and affordable. Flexible enough to accommodate a variety of techniques and methods This PM platform is able to handle lots of. But is it the right one for you? Let’s take a look at’s strengths and weaknesses to provide you with the full story.

Monday in comparison to the Top Project Management Software

Additionally, it is capable of handling a wide array of applications, comes with key tools for collaboration, including checking calendars and timelines along with time tracking and many more. Because of all these features, is our top-rated project management software.

Monday The Good and the Bad

What’s the Good gives you everything you need to see your work according to your preference and preferences, such as Kanban, Gantt, timeline and calendar views available by a single click. You can choose a wide-angle view or would like to view your daily activities in one glance, you are able to change views and drill down or expand as far as you want, and develop custom views to collect every data and information that you require all in one location.

Built-in time tracking is among the few tools for managing projects that offer integrated time tracking features. Most PM software Monday provides time tracking as an upgrade, so getting the feature at no cost (on the Monday Pro Plan or higher) is an incredible value.

When time-tracking along with project-management tools work well together, you will gain an understanding of the time it takes to complete tasks and the overall timeline of the projects. The tracker can be turned off or on by one click or input the time manually. You can even monitor time from any place with the mobile application.

Numerous integrations Integration of with tools and applications for business that you already use can enhance the process of managing projects while aiding your team to achieve more work within a shorter amount of time. Through the use of the right integrations you can develop workflow automations that eliminate routine administrative tasks and let notifications run on autopilot. Monday’s Project Management software syncs with almost everything you’ll require it to, such as Slack, Zoom, Shopify, Google Calendar, and many other applications.

Modifiable templates: Setting up procedures for PM from scratch isn’t just time-consuming, but also unneeded because of’s variety of templates that can be customized. Pick from a range of templates for portfolio tracking and campaign planning and customer onboarding Help desk tickets, products roadmaps, event planning and much more. If you’re managing just one project or are managing multiple, has a template that will meet your needs.

Customized automations: One of the main reasons that businesses use project management software is to automatize repetitive tasks. is taking things one more advanced by making automated processes flexible and simple for all in your team to utilize. With just a few clicks it’s possible to set up an automated sequence that moves an activity from one phase to the next one, and then assigns the next person on your team to complete the task and then alerts them via Slack or email. Although this is only one example, it illustrates how Monday’s automations could save the time of everyone and ensure that processes are adhered to in full.

It’s simple and user-friendly: The principle behind software for managing projects is to make your life easier and not add another tool that your team doesn’t know how to utilize. In just a few hours the team and you are up and operating on without the need for professional training. The knowledge base is extensive that includes hundreds of videos to aid you to get started, solve problems and get your team up to level. If you have a difficulty The Monday support team is on hand through live chat 24 hours a day.

The dashboards are customizable: dashboards are extremely customizable and allow users to view the most crucial data in a single glance. Do you want to see a top-down overview of the project’s budget? It’s not a problem. Do you want to view project statuses in an instant? Easy. There are 15 widgets that have been pre-built that you can put on dashboards such as the widget for capacity management, which allows managers to assign the available resources in minutes. Dashboards can be created as dashboards that are public or private depending on the people they wish to be sharing them with.

The Bad

Task dependencies are limited Task dependencies can be an important tool in the project management software, but we’ve found that’s limitations. The only method to create them is by using dates, making them less effective as task dependencies offered by other service providers. Furthermore, the option to utilize dependencies on is only available to customers on the two plans with the highest prices which means they’re not available for small-sized businesses or those with a smaller budget.

Features limitations: In keeping with the same idea, keeps many other features hidden higher priced levels. For instance Gantt charts, calendar views, automated views time tracking, and integrations aren’t included in the basic plan. If you use other software are available, you can count on at the very least some of these options being offered as with the standard plan. While you may be able to pay a little more on to get access to these features, it is important to consider the extent to which’s starting price is a the best value for your requirements.

Support is slow: Although there’s 24/7 live chat support available through however, certain users have complained that customer support representatives take the time to respond at times, even an hour. In the present day we all want a live chat rep to respond faster. A wait of an hour for an answer could be an inconvenience. It is possible to have more success going to the knowledge base in case you require a quicker resolution. Pricing provides a service that caters to businesses of all sizes and their project management requirements. There are five options to select from: Basic, Individual Standard, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. The Basic

The Basic plan offered by is a basic project management software. Beginning at just 8 dollars per user for a month. You can get an unlimited number of boards and unlimited viewers (users who have read-only access to the account) and 5GB of storage, and all the usual collaboration and productivity tools. Individual just recently added a no-cost forever pricing structure, making them even more appealing option for managers with a tight budget.

The Individual plan is essentially because of a limit to all other paid plans. As they need at least 3 seats each,’s free Individual package can only accommodate two or three users.

Monday Project Management in Summary

Monday’s PM tool is most well-known for its flexibility. It’s among the most well-known PM software choices currently available. It offers a excellent value for money and the extensive features available on certain plans, it’s the best software for managing projects for sales teams and other. Join today and test it free for 14 days of trial.

We’ve compiled our top selections of the top tools for managing projects and discover how stands out against other top choices in the market. We’ll guide you through each of our recommendations, as well as the entire range of benefits, tradeoffs pricing, and onboarding methods.