Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Methamphetamine, or popularly crystal meth, is a strong stimulant drug rather frequently abused by drug users. It is easy to find at drug stores and its potency can trigger quick dependency. When people get addicted to the drug and stop using it all of a sudden, they start experiencing methamphetamine withdrawal.

Meth withdrawal is not easy to handle; it is uncomfortable and needs to be supervised. Withdrawal can set off many unforeseen symptoms which slowly start to disappear once the body becomes used to the drug being absent. Both physical and psychiatric symptoms appear when withdrawal happens. So, it is better to check into rehabs to cope with this. Physical conditions tend to go away soon but psychological symptoms are likely to remain.

Why you should find a rehab for meth withdrawal treatment

The earliest symptoms start to surface within 24 hours of meth use and these are mainly an increased appetite and fatigue. Some people also experience anxiety, irritability, and depression. According to research, withdrawal takes place in two stages.

The first is the most intense one in the course of 24 hours post-meth-use but this becomes less intense with the onset of the next week. The severity of withdrawal depends on the duration for which the drug was used and the level of dependency. When a person has been using meth for a long time, the withdrawal will be longer and tougher. Older people also experience more intense symptoms when addicted to meth.

The second stage is comparatively less intense, lasting a couple of weeks. Other conditions impacting the patient’s recovery include his physical/mental health before meth use. The most frequent symptoms are anxiety, fatigue, sleepiness, psychosis, depression, meth cravings, and increased appetite.

What to expect at a meth withdrawal treatment facility

If you are a resident of Florida and experiencing meth withdrawal it is best to look for reputed drug detox in Florida. Detox here is split up into three stages to make it easier and more effective for the patient. Evaluation is done first to assess his physical and mental health. For this, medical professionals at the clinic will conduct urine drug screens. This shows how much meth the patient had been using until admission.

The staff at the drug rehab in Florida will then devise a plan to suit the patient’s specific needs. For this purpose, the doctor needs to inquire about the patient’s current drug abuse and his past substance abuse. In case he is suffering from co-existing disorders that must be factored into his treatment plan.

Methamphetamine addiction patients seeking admission into a detox facility are typically undergoing symptoms at their peak. So, drug detox treatment is started at once after evaluation, and when symptoms improve, the treatment plan is adjusted. After detox is over, doctors start discussing the subsequent steps with the patient. It is best to continue these stages in rehab as the staff here are trained to help you stay on track.

Medications for meth withdrawal include pills that help to ease symptoms. There are no FDA-approved drugs for the purpose. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that has been found effective for reducing withdrawal symptoms in addicts abusing crystal meth. Provigil medicine is a mild stimulant for treating ADHD and narcolepsy. It can help resolve sleep pattern issues and concentration difficulty in patients. Doctors may also prescribe antipsychotic drugs used for treating conditions like hallucinations, paranoia, or delusions.

So, detox remains the most effective and safest way to treat meth withdrawal. For more information, contact and learn about the best meth withdrawal treatments here.