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This article will assist you with deciding the authenticity of an e-store that sells clothing for people through the Menylikes surveys.

Would you like to search for exercise clothing at On the off chance that you addressed indeed, perusing this menylikes survey will assist you with better fathoming.

These days, individuals in the United States are more worried about their actual wellbeing. They began going to the exercise center and doing yoga, Zumba, and different exercises. Imagine a scenario in which you could get all of a man’s vital clothing in one spot.

In any case, we suggest that you read Menylikes surveys prior to making any buys on this site.

What is
Menylike is a people’s internet shopping site. They guarantee to sell different men’s clothing, including exercise center vests, long suits, half suits, tops, bottoms, and shoes. Every one of them arrive in an assortment of sizes and tones. They additionally include a major determination of items on their site. They likewise offer a good markdown on every one of the items accessible. They likewise guarantee that their items would be followed through on schedule. They additionally give free transportation on orders more than $89.

If you have any desire to dive deeper into this web-based site, we suggest perusing the Is Menylikes Legit.

Menylikes com’s details
Site Link –
Age of the Domain – This site has been up for under a half year.
Email Address – [email protected]
Contact Number – No Data Available
Classification – They sell all kinds of people clothing.
Virtual Entertainment Links – Not Available.
Bulletin – It is Available.
Installment Method – American Express, Apple Pay, Master Card, Visa, and PayPal.
Return Time – Within 30 Days
Discount Time – 7 to 15 Working Days
Trade Policy – Exchange is Available.
Transporting Policy – free delivery more than $89
Conveyance Time – 5 to 7 Working Days
Look at Menylikes audits. On the off chance that you’re keen on the benefits and inconveniences of buying at, read on.

What are the upsides of buying at
SSL declaration is utilized to get this site.
On their site, they have an enormous scope of items.
They offer a limited rate on their item.
What are the disservices of buying at
There are no buyer surveys on the site.
This site was made a couple of months prior.
This site has no virtual entertainment joins.
Numerous risky sites share a similar UI.
Is Menylikes Legit?
These days, online tricks are on the ascent. It is important that we know about such tricks and that any site we buy satisfies specific norms. Sadly, many individuals today participate in these misdirections to do their shrewd plans.

The accompanying authenticity rules can help you in settling your questions.

Space Creation Date – 02/03/2022
Space Expiry Date – 02/03/2023
Content Originality – The substance is duplicated from other risky sites.
Arrangements Menylikes’ strategy is 82% taken from different sites.
Address innovation – On the site, there was no notice of the organization’s location.
Clients Reviews-The site has no Menylikes audits from clients.
Online entertainment Connections – The site doesn’t have a person to person communication association.
Alexa Rank – It is positioned 4847720 on Alexa. The site with the least fame.
Proprietor’s data – There is no such data on the site.
Trust Score – It has a unimaginably low trust score of simply 2%.
List Rank – It is evaluated 39.4 out of 100 in trust. Which brings up doubts and raises issues.
Ridiculous Discounts – On the site, they are offering a rebate.
UI – Many negative sites utilize similar UIs.
Phishing Score – It is evaluated 45 out of 100.
Client’s Menylikes surveys
We glanced through the whole site and couldn’t observe any client surveys. Moreover, we have not distinguished any audits on different stages, which feels somewhat unsure on this site.

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The Bottom Line
As per our exploration, this site sells clothing for all kinds of people. Nonetheless, sell things explicitly for men, for example, exercise center vests, long suits, short suits, bottoms, tops, shoes, and so on. Subsequently, this site doesn’t seem real, and it bombs the validness test. Therefore, this site stays far fetched and dubious.

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