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Since its release, the disposable vape has been a hit among vapers, especially the younger ones. It’s no surprise that it’s popular, with its attractive and compact forms paired with various on-trend flavor options. 

Disposable vapes are like their counterpart box mods, pod mods, and vape pens. Apart from their simple functions and small size, disposable vapes are pretty different because they are only suitable for a specific number of puffs, ranging from 400 to 5,000. Disposable vapes are typically designed in narrower cylindrical designs for better mobility and handling. The vapor they produce is looser and smoother, which is great for MTL vaping. Disposable vapes, in a nutshell, are more of a starter kit for vapers.

This article primarily focuses on some of the top vape disposables that utilize the Maui Wowie strain. Maui Wowie comes from the Hawaiian Islands, from where it got its name. Since 1970, this Sativa-dominant landrace strain has been in use. This tall and thin strain can offer a pine-like flavor. Due to its potential effects, many companies are making disposables with it. Thus, if you are interested, make sure to try the best Maui wowie disposables from renowned brands as enlisted below.


  1. Astro Eight Disposable Vape

Delta-8 THC is sourced from pure organic hemp and is contained in the industry’s best-performing disposable cartridge, which has a full-glass tank and a fully-ceramic heating element. With Astro Eight, you may relax and unwind.

Maui Wowie is a Sativa-dominant strain with delectable tropical tastes, including a strong pineapple flavor and a sweet, citrusy, but flowery scent. This strain is recognized for its sweet flavor profile and strong energy effects, making it ideal for starting and ending the day.

  1. Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen – Strawberry Cough

The strawberry cough is another popular disposable vape pen with a fresh strawberry flavor. Strawberry Cough is a midday type that will put you in a good mood to get some work done. The primary advantages of this approach are that it has complete control over raw material prices, allowing it to offer competitive pricing across the board. It provides not just transparency but also completes traceability from beginning to end.

  1. Sativa Delta 8: D10 THC Disposable Vape

Maui Wowie is a world-famous Hawaiian strain with tropical mango and pineapple tastes and undertones of pepper and pine. So, give yourself a jolt of energy along with an ecstatic uplift that will help you stay calm and focused throughout the day. The brand new Urb’s Delta 8 with D10 THC Disposable Vape is a modified device with a 420mA battery and modified airflow that ensures the optimal temperature taste and does not cause any clogging.

  1. Energize Disposable Vape 0.3g

The Rythm Energize 300mg Disposable Vaping Pens are made with premium full-spectrum CBD oil and CCELL hardware. There are no fillers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or additives in the Sativa-based and the full-plant extracts that are strain-specific. It’s ideal to be used on the go.

Maui Wowie has expanded worldwide, blessing us with its delicious pineapple tastes and high-energy exhilaration since its roots in the island’s volcanic soil. Maui Wowie’s energizing, energetic effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun, while lightweight effects enable your mind to drift away to creative retreats. This tall, slim variety thrives in warm, tropical climes like those found in its native region, yet a light atmosphere and nutrient-rich soil are usually sufficient for indoor growth.

  1. Straight Goods Disposable Vape Pen 

Straight Good is a well-known brand, so you know what you’re getting. Straight up excellent kush, distilled into gorgeous and effective vapes with various terpene concentration and extraction grade options. Due to the option to control the airflow, each product includes 1000mg of distillate and hits nice and smooth.

The Maui Wowie strain is included in this disposable pen. This famous Sativa is renowned for its exquisite tropical flavors and stress-relieving Sativa properties. This strain will make you want to go for a long walk in the sunshine and do something creative.

  1. ISH Maui Wowie Awaken Disposable Vape Pen

ISH pens contain 0.5g of excellent distillate cannabis oil that is entirely natural. Because they emit no odor, these vapes are excellent for indoor and outdoor usage. ISH premium pens are the first oval-shaped disposable cannabis pens on the market, with a sleek and inconspicuous design. There is a transparent oil window to check how much cannabis oil is left in pen for your convenience.

For excellent heating functions and the finest possible vaping experience, ISH employs high-quality ceramic coils. Depending on the number of times you use the disposable vape, one ISH pen can last 100-150 puffs. Maui Wowie is a traditional Sativa with tropical aromas and stress-relieving properties that will transport you to the beaches of Hawaii, where it was born and grown.

  1. URB Maui Wowie Sativa D8:D10 THC Disposable Vape

Maui Wowie is a world-famous Hawaiian strain with tropical pineapple and mango tastes and undertones of pine and pepper. Give yourself a jolt of energy with euphoric uplift that will keep you calm and focused all day.

The new Urb Delta 8 with D10 THC Disposable Vape is a modified device with a 420mA battery with modified airflow that ensures the optimal temperature, taste, and no clogging. It comes with a ceramic coil cartridge and lacks any PG, VG, or vitamin E acetate. Each disposable contains 10 mg of delta 8. 

Wrapping Up


It is critical to purchase disposable vapes exclusively from well-known vape companies. In the event of counterfeits, you should also be wary about the platforms on which you place orders. Refer to the list mentioned above to know about the best delta 8 disposables made of Maui Wowie strain. However, consult with an expert if you are a beginner in the field of vaping. Only a vaping expert can guide you about which disposable vape to buy and which not, depending on your requirement.

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