Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

In the summer, the guys are seeking light and cool with heat and breathable, wear the clothes so, sleep the bedding too.

However! This also leads to our skin debris, sweat stains, dust mites, etc. are more likely to penetrate into the mattress through the thin sheets, in the long run, very detrimental to our health.

Mattress and other bedding is different, can not be stuffed into the washing machine to clean, which also leads to many partners will ignore the mattress hygiene ~ so today Mao Niu brother to talk to the partners mattress cleaning those things.

01, How to clean the mattress?

Although the bedroom is not large, but the dust can not be less, as the mattress sizes occupies the largest area of the bedroom, it is necessary to dust often.


Clean the upper and lower surface of the mattress with a vacuum cleaner, so that the dust, dead skin and other dirt on it can be cleaned up.

⚠️Note! Be close to the surface of the mattress to suck, and pay more attention to the crevices of the grooves when you encounter them, many dirty things are hidden inside. Usually it is enough to suck once every time you change the bed sheet.

② Dehumidification

Sprinkle baking soda evenly on the surface of the mattress, let it stand for about half an hour, to eliminate moisture on the mattress, and then clean up with a vacuum cleaner. If the mattress smell is heavy, you can also add some essential oils to cover up.

③Stain removal

If there is a stain on the mattress, you can first use a cold wet towel to press clean. Remember not to clean in a circle, that will make the stain range larger.

For urine stain, spray white vinegar on the urine stain or urine smell residue, leave it for an hour or so, and press with a cold wet towel to remove it, if there is a stubborn urine stain, you can match with a toothbrush to brush it out, and then blow dry it with a hair dryer. After drying, continue to sprinkle baking soda on the stain and absorb it after overnight.

For blood stains, fresh blood stains can be removed by dropping ginger water on the blood stain, then wiping with a cloth soaked in cold water and finally absorbing the water. For stubborn blood stains, use carrot juice with salt to drip on the stain and wipe with a cloth soaked in cold water to absorb the moisture.

Stubborn blood stains are more difficult to clean, but also available concentration of 3% medical hydrogen peroxide cleaning, spray on hydrogen peroxide need to wait a few dozen seconds, wait for its foam, then clean with cold water, and finally dry with a clean dry rag.

For colored drinks, available medical alcohol wipe, because most beverage stains can be dissolved in medical alcohol. But because alcohol can also make the stain spread, so use a good absorbent cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the stain.

For milk stains, use grinded white radish and salt to mix fully and apply to the stain, then rub and wipe repeatedly with a clean wet towel, leave it for five minutes to wait for the decomposition to complete, then use a dry towel to absorb the excess water, and finally blow dry with a hair dryer.

To deal with oil stains, use a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of collar net scrubbing oil stains, old oil can be combined with soap scrubbing, and finally pressed with a cold wet towel to remove, and finally dried with a hair dryer.

To deal with vomit, you need to quickly move the mattress above the soiled quilt, pillows and other bedding to avoid increased penetration. Then use a dry rag to absorb the liquid that penetrated the mattress, the remaining with a cold wet towel for pressure removal, and finally sprinkle baking soda on the area with vomit, wait for a day until the baking soda is completely dry, and vacuum the residue.

02、Is there a faster and less troublesome solution?

① Put on a mattress protector to block stains

We tend to lay another layer of mattress or mattress protector (bed sheet) on top of the mattress. Summer mattress is a little hot, cleaning is not very convenient, replaced by a mattress protector is not only light and breathable, but also more effective in protecting the mattress, blocking dust and stains.

Ice silk bed sheet can not only effectively block urine stains and other pollution of the mattress, but also waterproof and mite, skin-friendly particularly good, not only breathable and comfortable, feel also very silky cool, the baby can also sleep. And also hot overseas, Dubai’s five-star hotels are using the same type of bed sheet .

② Change a mattress that can effectively prevent mites and antibacterial

In fact, a good mattress in addition to “breathing”, but also self-cleaning, not only to block the breeding of mites, but also to effectively inhibit bacteria.

Bekaert anti-bacterial mite fabric, through the scientific mite technology, inhibit the survival environment of mites, mites lost the food to survive, naturally can not survive, so as to achieve the effectiveness of anti-mite and anti-bacterial.

The mattress is just a place for us to rest and sleep, so let it perform its duties better. Do not bring food and drink to bed again, so as to avoid most of the stains, what do you think?

The above cleaning tips partners have learned?

Good sleep, from a clean and healthy mattress to start. Of course, a better solution or the acquisition of quality mattress for sale can inhibit bacteria and mites and breathable environmental protection. After all, the need for frequent dusting and dehumidification of the mattress, often because of poor quality or substandard quality and mite breeding and susceptible to moisture and mold.