Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel Service


The Microsoft Azure Sentinel service is a cloud-based threat protection solution that provides comprehensive data protection, visibility, and management capabilities to protect against cyber attacks. The managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel service enables you to quickly realize the capabilities of Azure Sentinel—and provide security engineers with the information they need to respond to threats, confidently and as fast as possible.

Microsoft is making the Sentinel service available to the market.

Sentinel is a new service in Azure Security Center that provides insights into your cloud workloads and helps you protect against threats.

Microsoft is making the Sentinel service available to the market. For example, administrators can use it to monitor their Microsoft Office 365 environment for suspicious activities, such as emails containing macros or files attached to infected emails. Organizations can also use it to monitor compliance with policies by tracking access to sensitive documents, logins by employees working from home, compliance with data retention periods, and encryption status of email messages.

Additionally, the Sentinel platform supports integration with other security solutions through API calls to collect threat intelligence data from external systems (such as antivirus products). For example, if your organization has multiple antivirus products deployed across thousands of endpoints and you want all these devices protected using a single solution provider’s product—Sentinel is what you need!

managed azure sentinel

managed azure sentinel is a security service that helps you detect and respond to threats in real-time. With Azure Sentinel, you can:

  • Respond quickly to new security incidents with automated responses that reduce the burden on your team for day-to-day incident management.
  • Visualize threat intelligence data and correlate it with other security information from systems like SIEM or IDS/IPS.
  • Automate response actions based on the context of an alert or incident—such as blocking access by IP address or sending notifications to users when they sign in from a suspicious location.

Connect your cloud and on-premises environments

Azure Sentinel can be used to connect your cloud and on-premises environments. You can enable Azure Sentinel to monitor your cloud environment by using an agent, or by using a gateway. The gateway combines the advantages of an agent with those of software as a service (SaaS), allowing you to monitor Azure resources without having to install any software. In this scenario, Azure Monitor is used as a data collection engine for on-premises Windows Server 2012 R2 computers that do not support System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 agents or System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 agents.

Additionally, you can use an agentless approach and connect Azure Sentinel directly to Azure Monitor, which allows you to monitor your applications running in the cloud without requiring any additional configuration in your existing security management infrastructure (such as Active Directory).

Use managed azure sentinel to detect threats quickly.

You can use Azure Sentinel to detect threats quickly and efficiently. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based threat detection service that offers you a comprehensive security solution for your cloud workloads. It provides threat detection for Azure resources and lets you uncover security incidents before they affect your organization’s productivity or reputation.

Microsoft sentinel managed service

microsoft sentinel managed service is a managed service that protects your cloud workloads and data. For example, it can detect and remediate suspicious activity such as compromised credentials or domain name system (DNS) hijacking to ensure the security of your applications. Azure Sentinel also provides automated threat detection through its integration with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), which detects threats in real-time by analysing billions of events per day across multiple sources, including IIS logs, DNS logs, Exchange Online mailboxes, Windows Server Active Directory audit log files, Windows Defender Antivirus reports and more.

The Microsoft Azure Sentinel Service enables you to easily manage all aspects of an organization’s security posture across on-premises and cloud environments—including monitoring the health of individual resources through an intuitive interface without requiring any additional software or tools; collecting information about those resources in one place so you can use it for better management decisions; managing alerts using a built-in alerting engine that sends notifications when important changes occur; discovering new vulnerabilities automatically using Asset Model Query Language (AMQL); responding quickly when vulnerabilities are discovered by taking action automatically based on predefined settings or parameters within policies set up for each resource, and prioritizing requests from different users according to their role within an organization when assigning access rights to specific resources

Managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel, provided by Accenture, is an end-to-end solution that enables you to quickly realize the capabilities of Azure Sentinel – and provide security engineers with the information they need to respond to threats, confidently and as fast as possible.

Sentinel is a cloud-based threat detection and response platform that enables you to detect threats in your environment and respond to them as quickly as possible.

It’s an end-to-end solution that includes:

  • A single pane of glass providing visibility into all aspects of your environment (including on-premises)
  • Automated alerts via email or text message
  • Access to a library of predefined responses for common scenarios

To get started, contact Accenture.

To get started, contact Accenture. Our Technology Services business has been working with Microsoft Azure for many years and can help you understand how this new technology can help your organization. Get a free quote to see if the Managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel Service is right for you. Or schedule a demo to see how much time and money it could save your company.

Accenture provides defense-in-depth, managed service for Microsoft Sentinel

The Sentinel-managed service is designed to help organizations meet the compliance requirements of GDPR and related regulations. In addition, it provides defense-in-depth to protect against attacks on your sensitive data, ensuring that your business stays secure even if one or more of your cloud services are compromised.


With the managed service, you get the full advantage of microsoft sentinel managed service and its capabilities. Accenture provides defence-in-depth, effectively protecting your organization from any threats. Plus, you can rest assured that your cloud environment is safe from attacks or other threats.