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body posture

Good body posture is a great way to keep your body in right alignments and spine healthy. Moreover, right posture of body will help to improve your mood also. The brain and body both follows up two way communication. Posture impacts your mood and mood impact your body posture. You might noticed or not; don’t know. When you are happy and feeling active; you sit upright. Meantime when you feel low or depressive, then the posture turn to be like a slouch. Taking right posture has ultimate benefits. That’s why always try to keep body posture appropriate to boost mental, emotional and physical balance. 

In the forthcoming paragraphs; we will explain the righteous tips to take perfect body posture. Follow the mentioned tips on regular basis and make your body shape appealing via taking the right body posture. Let’s discuss them now. 

Do not turn to be a slouch 

Being a slouch will pressurize your spine. It affects on the bones, muscles and joints which holds on your backbone to keep it in place. Lousy and slouch posture is not only bad for the spine but also for the organs inside body. The slump smashes you out on the organs in bad or wrong body posture leads to pressurize intestines, lungs and digestive system also. It affects on the organs to not function in required manner. The non-functioning organs create problems in digesting the food items and unable the body to consume air properly. 

Straighten up

The ideal way to maintain posture is to stand up tall. When you stand straight and also sit with straight back will help to prevent from many postural problems. Moreover; it will make you look better, feel better and show slimmer body shape. Always stand like you are standing against a wall to measure own height. Keep your head straight, tuck your chin in and ears needs to be in the middle of shoulders. Keep your shoulders back and knees straight while standing. The belly should be tucked inside. Keep standing straight enough; so that your head will touch to sky. 

Do not slump on desk 

Undeniably it is too comfortable to be a slouch sitting on the desk with folded back outwards and shoulders dropping off kinda position. Well do you consider is as a perfect body posture – obviously not! To maintain the body posture, sit on the chair with straight back. Keep a cushion or rolled up towel and put that behind you exactly in the middle of your back to maintain straight back position. It protects your spine to maintain its natural curves. Keep your knees in the right angle or also quite higher than hips to maintain the righteous posture of body. 

Beware of the text or desktop neck 

We people are often busy on smartphones or laptops all day in working. The sloth like posture of heading down and watching the screens continuously can stress down your spine around neck area. To prevent from neck strains; practice keeping your heads up or do some neck exercises to maintain its posture. For the right and appropriate posture; lift your phone up and rotate your eyes instead of rotating the head. 

Do not turn to be a low rider 

It’s really comfortable and cool to recline while driving. Meantime, it is not good for your body posture. Better is to sit upright while driving to keep the back straight and shoulders straight. Do not lock your legs while driving. Your knees should bend slightly and at the hip level or a bit above than that. Keep a lumbar cushion or rolled-up towel behind your back while driving. This would help to reduce the body postural problems.  

Save your heels only for the night outs 

Wearing heels is a fashion trend we agree, but they are very bad for your body posture really. Pumps and stilettos thrust are the roots of your spinal code; which provide over arches to the back support. These have the strength to change backbone lines up and pressurize your nerves. It can cause back pain and strains. High heels put more weight on your knees which create problem in your back and full body posture. 

Sleep in right way 

Skip the soft and saggy mattresses for sleep. You should concentrate on sleeping in right posture. You are allowed to bend the knees slightly but not so uplifted, which might cause back problems. Those who sleep against their stomach should avoid thick pillows and choose small one under neck for appropriate posture.  

Wrap Up Have you seen the rocking sizzling hot figure of Goa Escorts? These girls have maintained their figure so well, because they have followed up all the postural manner to maintain her beauty and appealing body figure. 

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