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Say here I want to tell a story. A little picture of how painful the mind is in unraveling the bundle of anxiety. This post will be long. If you have free time, please enjoy the anxiety output presented in a fairly crunchy and easy-to-chew writing (it seems, anyway). Burden own will direct.

About Tik Tok. I have planted an antipathy attitude in him since the beginning of his appearance. Because, I say there are a lot of things that why. Which triggers anxiety in the mind to sneer at all the stupidity it causes. Well, just think about it. How not why when a teenage girl in junior high school is like a devil. Willing to pay hundreds of thousands, the money asked for parents, just to join the meet and greet with the idol.

It didn’t stop there, his stupidity got worse when their idol was attacked. They defended him blindly. Wow, apparently their idol is equal to a sacred god and cannot be insulted. Faclah! Nope you have I thought. Mbok, yes, if you want to worship idols, it’s credible and a little pretentious, right? Einstein, Marx, Nietzsche coffin, at least bts is coffin. This is it, why do you worship those who only dance incoherently and lip sync is just fine. It really doesn’t make sense.

I think almost everyone in their right mind at that time agreed that there, it was just stupidity that went viral. Lots of sensations. Rich in controversy. Poor substance. Not cultured. Eliminating religious morality. Semi porn and destroy the younger generation of the nation’s successors. Yes, it’s a new style of colonialism whose direction is clearly to poison mute children. Under the guise of progress through technological tools called social media. I still doubt the credibility of a presidential candidate in the future if his passion is dancing like a hot worm.

Sorry, the terms used are intellectually pretentious. Please understand, yesterday I was diagnosed by a self-aware doctor, if I contracted symptoms of the culture shock virus.

OK, go on. I am troubled by the phenomenon. I have a tendency to hate the platform. Don’t want to touch anything. Never mind consuming the product, just downloading it, I already feel insulted. At that time, lol. Different then, different now.

Because there was one moment where I couldn’t dodge and dodge anymore. Like it or not, you have to want to download the application. I have a college assignment, I was told to make a tiktok video. The task, my bikini pondered long enough to just decide yes or no. The hesitation in making this choice is similar to the intimidating question, “You prefer your friend over me, who is your boyfriend, huh?”

For example, I am doing an assignment, that means I have to download the application. By downloading it, the sanctity of my cell phone is tarnished. The idealism that I have always cherished has collapsed. I thought I would go to hell. Made firewood. Scorched, revived. Burned again. And it’s all as penance because I have prostituted idealism, downloaded tiktok. And the torture was added to the level of pain because the reason for prostitution was just for the sake of numbers to fill out the certificate sheet later. But the problem is, if I don’t do my job, my security will be threatened. Why is it idealistic if the fresh funds that support each semester are at risk of being revoked just because they obey their ego?

Actually, I already know which one to choose. Only, I continue to deny that consciousness. I plunged into the deepest unconscious. Until then, after no longer denying, that awareness slowly surfaced. Like a recluse who receives inspiration from the whispers of magical voices, “What’s so bad about it? Wong is just trying?”. Make sense. I approve of that voice. That awareness is no longer denied. I agree. Okay, downloads. Cie, make tiktok. I started thinking about the concept of the video.

Obviously, I don’t want to make a video of dancing while pointing my index finger at the text that is being moved. Don’t be like that. Wagu. Finally, I decided to use the format that I’m used to creating in my work. satire. Using symbols, minimizing captions. That, will trigger people to think and ask, “What does this mean?”. And the video turned out like this.

After the task was completed, my perception of looking at the application began to change little by little. That’s because I realized that all this time I hated something that I didn’t really know what it was like. Don’t know much, just generalize, and be antipathy. Yes, fascists are more or less the same as n**r who burned ii books. Does not pass censorship. And I know very well, that kind of attitude is not right.

I was wrong. Wrong mapping. The logic is messed up. Assuming that stupid behavior must be in line with the tools used. Tiktok, yes it’s just a tool. Just like a knife. If you use it to peel fruit, it’s fine. But when it comes to killing people, yes, it’s not the knife that is to blame. What’s wrong, crime is people.

This awareness only appears when we want to take off our glasses whose viewing distance actually shortens the range of vision. Only appears when we want to try to understand. Look at things more objectively. Taking a distance from the realm of subjective assumptions. Once again, I was reminded by Mbah Pram’s writings in the book Earth of Mankind, “You are educated. You have to be fair in your thoughts. Especially in actions”. Okay, I’ll update the knowledge from Pram’s quote. At least, from my perspective on the Tiktok application. Even after finishing the task, I didn’t bother with anything other than as soon as I uninstalled the app from my phone. The reason is because they feel they have no interest in continuing to use the application. Not out of hatred and antipathy like before.

Until one day I had a conflict of interest when lately I was intensively spreading posts on Instagram. Say, the cool term is building personal branding. By pushing the details of the work to social media. Let the audience see other than people you already know. With the main goal, yes, especially if it’s not selling. I want to live a simple, prosperous and prosperous life through the arts. Live the work and the work is life for me. Another reason, which is more than just a nominal number, is that I don’t want it if I suddenly die tomorrow, my work will only be enjoyed by my own circle. I don’t want to. People, they can die. But his name must be immortal. And to make it all happen, I need to leave a legacy.

Be a tool that is available and possible, I use it to carry out propaganda. And actually, yes, Instagram is not a new toy for me. Before now, two or three years ago I had done the same thing. The only difference is that it’s not in the personal name. Just wear a mask. Let what? So that the people I know don’t know that I am ‘working’. Some of the masks that I managed at that time included matifuckshit, vsdiction, and fakamitetep. The contents of the content, yes slapping things that why. Apart from those three, I use another account to sell books online, namelyManifestbook. All accounts have been deleted.

But, after a long time the mask makes itchy existence. I started to prepare all the plans. Calculate how much risk. And hurriedly took off that mask. I’m naked. But damn, so brave to be naked, the Instagram algorithm is no longer as exciting as years gone by. Not satisfactory. They are lethargic. Because the attention of the people, was taken by a competitor who was smelling good. Yes, the Tiktok. Everyone turn to it. All. Even people I know are idealists, who used to be apathetic, now have romantic relationships with TikTok.

I’m just starting again on Instagram, again like it or not, I have to immediately place a mat there. If not, then the hype will drop. Missed the moment. Missed opportunity. Later when the awareness arises that it is important there, it will be difficult. Hesitating and finally bouncing. Previous experience on Instagram is more than enough to be used as a learning curriculum. That the pattern: yesterday will be accumulated so today. Today is accumulated so tomorrow. And tomorrow, it will change its name to today again. Now there is, yes only today. There’s no such thing as tomorrow. Nothing!

So, while it’s not stale, don’t be allergic. You can’t be allergic to progress, man. People who are allergic to progress, will die. Yes, like a person who lived during the fire era, he couldn’t easily say, “Hey, what the hell. Why is the toy on fire?” That guy, he’s dead the next day, man. Cold. If you want to survive, you need to learn to balance yourself with the times. Because the fact is, time chooses people. Not the other way around, people choose the times.

And because of that fact, I seem to want to be told to lick my own spit. And it doesn’t matter. The person who licks his own spit, is the person who wants to advance. The explanation is this: time is moving. Change is inevitable. If you want to lick your own saliva, it means you want to rectify what was once considered correct, but is now irrelevant. So, what is it called if not progress? Is not it? Yes, after all, who else’s spit would want to be licked besides their own? Where will other people spit!

Never mind. It will not be strong against the will of the times. Heavy, man. Compromise. Change the perspective of how art should be. After all, a lot of new knowledge has entered my head, which has led to a radical revolution in understanding. Old mind doesn’t work! The revolution has burned out the short axis thoughts, one of which is about idealism.

Something that used to be considered idealistic, is in fact not a real idealist. That’s egocentric. Don’t want to do it if it doesn’t match your ideal will. Even though you know, where in this world really fits our ideals. Follow your ego, you’ll be stupid. There must be a compromise. Because if you don’t compromise, you will then lose, which is blamed on external factors. I don’t see the fault of the system’s thinking itself. Then, later use idealism as a shield so that the impression is superior. Losing, making the meaning, “I’m idealistic. Don’t go after that! Dih, what the hell!”. Though in his heart grumbled, “No results, bastard!”. And something like that made Nietzsche sneer, “What else are people trying to lose, other than making cliché and disgusting meanings? That’s all they can do!”.

Understanding like that should be obsolete. Don’t be egocentric. If you continue, you will only become a grouch who feels cool, even though it is only in his own head. Pathetic. Idealists may, sad not. Come on, compromise. Change maneuvers and strategies. Find out how to make idealism not die, but can be relevant to the current market demand. And the easiest way, is to pack idealists with a bandage of mainstream tastes. The packaging is pop, but punk substance. I see.

Like a restaurant, the cook doesn’t need to explain everything about the recipe. All he needed was to serve good food to customers. Only that. After all, how important are recipes to the customer? They know and want only what they eat, it’s delicious. That is all. No more. Regarding idealism, satire again in works that are already satire. Puyeng, huh? Me, too!

Meanwhile, the tools for disseminating the work, should not be saklek. Can’t be fanatical. Must be flexible. There is no longer the principle of rejecting all kinds of possibilities from the fast changing times. What can be fanatical, only goals. Regarding the method, the strategy, it’s just flexible. All means are free and appropriate to use to achieve the goal. There’s only one limit: don’t be like that. For example, if you have an interest in going to Malioboro. The way you get there, you can use any vehicle. Don’t just because you like riding a motorbike, when you don’t have a motorbike, you don’t even go there. You can ride Trans Jogja, Online Ojek, even Ja

And even the feet, if there is a will, will arrive.

Don’t be a fan of having to use a motorbike. Whatever, the important thing is to arrive. But remember, the boundaries are, “Don’t be like that”. You can take any vehicle to get to Malioboro, but don’t take a helicopter either, please. It’s fast, but you’ll get confused about the marking, you idiot! Or if you don’t have a vehicle at all, don’t suck either. Yes, true. Indeed, with drinking will also arrive at Malioboro. But when did it arrive!

Don’t be like that. Later his mind screamed even more, lol. Poor him. Naturally. Sincerely. Don’t give the impression of leaning to the left. Which is too segmented. What is possible, the message conveyed is only understood by a few people. Also, don’t lean to the right. Which maybe in your deepest mind, you label it with ‘Cheap impression’. Maybe even disgusting.

Imitate Bung Karno when determining the attitude of this newly independent country, which side to side with, to whom.

During World War II, the two camps that actually disagreed with each other, compromised and formed an association for a while to destroy the resenting fascist notions. They won, beat the fascist. And once the war was over, many countries that were originally ruled by fascists finally became independent. One of them is Indonesia. The two camps that had previously formed an association have returned to their original roots. Compete again, cold war. And at that time, we were confused about who to side with. If you go to the right, then the left will be jealous. If you go to the left, then the right will be angry. So we, together with other small countries that are both newly independent, make a non-aligned movement. “We are not siding with anyone. We-we want to determine our own destiny.”

But you know, where does the dude’s heart lean, to whom? And that makes ‘them’ nervous. To draw up a scheme for……

Duh, why is the exploration of his writing so inconsequential and wild like this? Even running everywhere. This writing is getting more and more unclear! Yes, it’s over. In closing, I quote a quote from the humanist Prie G.S, which seems appropriate and represents the main point of this paper. He said, “Let’s just go. We’re looking for the address. We can’t find it, that’s a matter of later.”

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