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Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of the occurrence that occurred at Loto Lounge? An occurrence occurred at Loto Lounge, which is arranged in the United States on a delicate issue. This article will educate you regarding the parlor and the episode that occurred on May second, 2021.

Likewise, in this article, we will give you understanding into how individuals respond to this episode that occurred on Loto Lounge Osage MO Yelp and what it meant for the parlor. So we should discover.

About Loto Lounge

Loto Lounge is arranged in the United States, which opens seven days per week. As per the audits referenced about the parlor, it is an incredible eatery with great administrations and beverages. Individuals like the vibe of the café and love to have some good times in this parlor.

The help season of Loto Lounge is from 5 pm-1:30 am. The last request is taken at 1:30 am, and the staffs sanitize the surfaces and the sitting territories between the visits to keep up cleanliness and follow the conventions.

In view of the occurrence that occurred on Loto Lounge Osage MO Yelp, the fame of the parlor diminishes as it influences the altruism of the organization. The authority site of the Loto relax isn’t available and denied your solicitation. So we should look at about the occurrence.

What episode happens at Loto Lounge?

Loto Lounge, arranged at 5180 Osage Beach, encounters an episode between the staff laborers and the military troopers. The episode began when one of the parlor barkeeps blamed the military warrior for holding a phony character card that interfaces her to the military.

Numerous different specialists of the Loto Lounge Osage MO Yelp upheld the barkeep on this allegation. The things went sideways when the barkeep name Josh Weitkamp will not serve the beverages and twist and discard the card of a military individual. The barkeep at that point directs mean sentiments toward the military individuals and slights them.

One of the parlor clients recorded the occurrence and viral it on the web so everybody can perceive how the staff of Loto Lounge act up with the military authorities and embarrass them with their remarks.

Individuals’ view on Loto Lounge Osage MO Yelp occurrence

Around the same time, police captured the barkeep, and the barkeep apologizes for his conduct and says it’s simply an inebriated mix-up. Then again, as individuals became famous online, numerous individuals go against the circumstance and blacklist the parlor for such conduct with the military personals.

After the video became famous online, the evaluations of the parlor get low as individuals prescribed not to go to this parlor as the staff’s conduct isn’t proficient. On the off chance that you need to find out about the occurrence, you can check this connection.


We are no place associated with this news, and with all the data we accumulate on the Loto Lounge Osage MO Yelp occurrence that occurred on May second, we can say that the staff got rowdy with the military authorities, and individuals didn’t care for it by any means. On the off chance that you need to get familiar with this episode, read here.

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