Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

One of the warriors named Noel Cook recorded the whole occurrence, here is the thing that he composed on his Facebook.

“Myself and 5 other military companions were at Loto Lounge where this alcoholic barkeep (Josh Weitkamp) began to obliterate somebody’s military ID since he “used to be a cop and understands what an ID should resemble” and twists her card and tosses it in the junk, declining to allow us to recover it and simply leave. So he advises us to call the cops.”

Noel uncovers Weitkamp colleagues were attempting to help the circumstance by calling the cops so they can deal with the circumstance. Since WeitKamp was turning crazy.

“In the event that you can see, the blonde barkeep is 1) encouraging us to call the cops and 2) likewise calls the cops. I like her endeavors since she understands that he is turning crazy. I’ve never been more warmed about a non-racial collaboration with somebody and the straight lack of regard he had for individual assistance individuals ESPECIALLY when a few of us (if not all) joined the military in light of 9/11 and how it molded our childhood.”

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