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Lost Ark: Everything You need to Know About GemLost Ark: Everything You need to Know About Gem

If you’re new to Lost Ark, you may be confused about the in-game Gem System, especially figuring out how to buy, sell, or fuse. Gems are as important to players as Lost Ark Gold, and because of its high mechanical complexity, Gear, Ability Stone Faceting, and Gems all play a huge role in character building, and if players don’t fully grasp the relevant information, they can make some fatal mistakes. And here we bring you all the information on how the Gem System works. Check it out below.

Gem Overview

The Gem System can be overlooked or forgotten in some ways, and all gems in Lost Ark have the same properties:

  • Are Class-Specific.
  • Either increase the damage of the Skill (Triangle-shaped Gem), or reduce Cooldown of a Skill (Circular Gem).
  • Significant impact on Combat.
  • The effect is reduced by 50% when using Gems that are lower than the player’s currently equipped Gear Tier.
  • Follows the same Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 system as all other Gears.
  • Transactions can be made between characters using the Storage system and even sent in Mail.

Where To Get Gems?

There are many ways to get gems in Lost Ark:

  • Chaos Dungeons: From the twice-daily Chaos Dungeons using Aura of Resonance.
  • Cube Dungeons: From Clear Reward.
  • Boss Rush: Players will receive some Chests, each chest contains many Gems, depending on their performance.
  • Field Bosses: Given as part of once-a-day rewards, on the day they spawn.
  • Auction House: Players can buy Gems with Lost Ark Gold here.
  • Events and Daily Login: Gems can be given out as part of the Event Shop or as a Daily Login Reward.

Fusion System

The fusion system in Lost Ark is divided into three areas: Fusing Gems, Rerolling Gems, and Equipping Gems.

Fusing Gems

We can fuse three Gems of the same level into a single Gem of the next level. Auto Fusion will automatically Fuse all gems in the player’s inventory. If the player hits Auto Fusion at any level, and it doesn’t allow them to continue, it means they don’t currently have enough Gems to Fuse up that high.

The type of The Fusion Result (Damage Increase or Cooldown Reduction) is random and has a 100% success rate. Players can even use gems from some other class if they happen to have them, which will always yield gems related to their class. But Gems cannot Fused up to the next “Tier”. For example, it is not possible to turn Tier 2 blue Gems into Tier 3 orange Gems.

Rerolling Gems

Players need to spend Silver to Reroll, and it is based on Gem Level and Tier of Gem. Rerolling gems of different classes will always generate gems related to the player’s current class. If players want to spend their accumulated Silver quickly, Gem Rerolling is the easiest way.

Equipping Gems

Players can put Gems into 11 Gem Slots, but players cannot equip two Gems of the same Skill and type regardless of Gem Level. They can sort their Gem Benefits by Skill on the Gem Equip Menu sidebar. By default, players have two Gem Presets, each additional one requires Blue Crystals (players can get through Lost Ark Gold) to unlock.

When To Buy Gems?

The correct time to buy gems with Gold somewhat depends on the current value of Gold in the game. However, buying Gems around level 5 is well worth it. This is more efficient than enrolling them with Silver and then slowly upgrading them through Fusion from there. Of course, players can also just buy the Level 10 Versions of the Tier 3 Gems they get, but this costs a lot of Gold, which is unnecessary for most players.

When To Sell Gems?

Selling Gems is also a very common activity, some players swear to always sell “Life Hack” of Level 5+ Gems that are not related to the skills they currently need, but this will slow down the progress from having Eleven Level 5 Gems to Eleven Level 10 Gems. And sometimes, players will be inclined to Sell their gems:

After going from Tier 1 to Tier 2 or Tier 2 to Tier 3 and selling all the Gems in the previous tier.

When player-owned specific Class Gems sell for ridiculous prices on the Auction Market.

When the player’s Gem Fusion progression slows down and they have several Level 5+ Gems for unused Skills.

When a character primarily used to grind Una’s Tasks or Daily Content gets a decent amount of Gems.

When To Fuse Or Not Fuse Gems?

Gem Fusion is an activity that every Lost Ark player has been passively tracking all the time. It’s not uncommon for players to leave a bunch of Gems in storage at the same level without Fusing them. Because Fusing is usually the preferred method, here are some examples. But we do not recommend it to some old players. They can choose to sell or hold onto the relevant Gems.

  • Don’t Tier 2 Gems past Level 5. They become irrelevant at Tier 3, but sell for a decent price at Level 5.
  • Don’t Fuse Gems for currently used Damage/Cooldown Bonuses for Skills.
  • Don’t Fuse three Damage-type or Cooldown-type Gems, because Gem Fusion results are completely random.
  • If no relevant Gem of a Similar Level is ready to replace it, then do not fuse equipped Gems of a high level.

The above is all you need to know about Lost Ark Gem System. If you want to know more about Lost Ark, please follow, which will bring you the most comprehensive guide for various games. And you can also buy Lost Ark Gold at this site to make your game journey more smooth, it has the cheapest price and the safest trading system. Try it now if you are interested!

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