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Azure Wind Island is undoubtedly one of the largest islands in the entire game. It enables players to ride their mounts around the map because it is quite big. The game offers five Mokoko seeds along with wind mane mount and the globe steed mountain. Rewards to players who take the challenge of completing all the quests which are available on the island. The island is full of these rewarding quests, which means that you will never get bored in the game and always have something to do. To challenge you, developers have added some secret tasks in the game with Island tokens as rewards for lucky players who manage to complete them. To take these missions, go to a miniature wooden horse on the map. Here is the ultimate Azure Wind Island guide with details about how to get wind island tokens and Mokoko Seeds.

How to get Island Tokens in Lost Ark?

Both hidden quests and island tokens are connected, and you need to complete a minimum of thirty secret quests to get them. There are some pre-requisite quests that you have to complete in the order given below before moving on to these hidden quests.

  • The Dying Horse
  • Complete “The Mane of the Azure Wind” quest to get the cloud steed mount
  • Once Filled with Flowers
  • The Meadow Fairy

The real challenge is yet to come, and these four quests are just a trailer to train you for what is coming up. After completing these quests, your next job is to those mini statues of horses made out of wood. They are scattered across the island, and you will have to complete the relevant quest for each wooden statue. All these quests reward you with thirty-five roster experience points and nine hundred silver coins along with the usual Azure Island rewards. These secret missions are mainly divided into four categories to make it easy for beginners to complete them accordingly.

  • Sprints
  • Puzzles
  • Emotes
  • Riddles

Here is a complete map to give you a better idea of the exact location of these quests. These categories are indicated by colors on the map: yellow color for sprint quests, red for riddles, blue for puzzles, and green for emotes or song quests. These quests can be difficult for beginners, but they can easily buy Lost Ark Gold with real-life money to get premium items right at the start of the game.


 Sprints are a simple time-based mission in Lost Ark that requires you to reach the given location on the map within the time limit. When you pick up a wooden horse statue, a marker appears on the map along with a timer. The fact that you can use mounts during quests in Azure Island makes it easy for you to do all sprint quests. To use a mount, press “Alt + V” to go to the mount section and select a mount as soon as the marker appears on the map. After the second last quest, you will be challenged by a meadow keeper. You don’t have to unmount to accept this challenge. The cloud steed mount is the best option for the sprint quests, all thanks to its charge skill. By this point, you will have the cloud mount because you need to complete the quest, which unlocks it to reach this stage.


You don’t have to worry about doing anything wrong in these quests as you can take them whenever you want. For the final quest, you will have to go to the location marketed on the map to accept the quest from the meadow keeper.


The game shows you a pattern when you accept a quest and provides you with some objects that you have to move to arrange them according to the given pattern. This is, so far, a series of easy quests.


When you interact with certain wooden horse statues, they give you the mission to play certain songs. The map indicates each Emotes mission with a number, and below are the relevant songs for each number that you need to play, so go prepared to save time.

  1. Greet Emote
  2. Serenade of Love
  3. Laugh and Giggle Emotes
  4. Song of Valor
  5. Sway Emote
  6. Heart’s Melody

The final song is called “Heavenly harmony,” and this completes the hidden quests of Azure-island but waits as there are two more quests that are unlocked afterward. These quests are relatively easy because you only need to go to the center of the town to speak with a fairy named Arone. You will receive Island tokens along with a wind mane mustang after completing the quest. If you are facing problems because your character is low level, you can get power leveling services from MMOPIXEL.COM to level cap it in no time and take on these challenges single-handedly. 

Location of Mokoko Azure Wind Island

For some players, items such as tokens and mane mustang were enough, but those who want to get more out of their visit to the Azure Island want to get Mokoko seeds as well, which can be found on this island. After extensive research, only five places were marked where you can find these seeds, and below are more details about them along with a map.

  • The first location hides these seeds in a small fern near a boulder with two palm trees
  • The second location hides these seeds near the southern fence of a pen of horses.
  • The third location is a bit tricky because you first have to pass through a gap in trees and then cross a river. There is a meadow keeper temple ahead, and Mokoko seeds are lying down there on the left side of the stairs, nearby a tree.
  • Cross some trees and continue a stone path afterward until you find some trees and ruins. Look for a bush on the right side of the ruins, and the seeds are hidden under it.

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