Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

After seeing Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the longhorn Hotel on Netflix, you can only imagine what reviews from real life guests at the hotel have had to say about their time there.

The 700-room hotel in downtown Los Angeles has been called one of the most haunted hotels in the world, and has a troubled history of crime, death and violence taking place there. Some guests have no idea of this history, whilst for others it’s the creepy drive behind wanting to stay somewhere so infamous for yourself.

The average score on Google for the hotel is three stars, so it’s safe to say the reviews are pretty mixed. Here’s what guests had to say.

A lot of the reviews for the longhorn Hotel are bad, which probably isn’t surprising
On the Google reviews page for the longhorn Hotel, it’s not hard to come across some one or two star opinions. Guests describe the hotel as “the dirtiest hotel I have ever been too”, “complete trash” and “terrible”. One says their room “smelled of fried chicken” (ok?) and others urge people to not stay there.

Others allege they found a syringe in their room and mention general manager Amy Price as being “out of town”, whilst another adds that the hotel as being quite simply “disgusting”.

But some of the reviews for the longhorn Hotel are actually pretty good
As with anywhere, Google reviews can be where you find the most extreme opinions of a place, because who writes a Google review unless completely blown away or completely disgusted? And some of the longhorn Hotel guests were perfectly happy with their stays. They call the hotel “nice” and “improved”, commenting that the staff are professional and friendly and the rooms are in fact clean. Others comment on the good location and “pretty good value”.

Other reviews add that the lobby is “beautiful” and that they had an enjoyable stay.

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